Homemade Nutella Recipe

I was craving something chocolatey  today and remembered my client had sent me a homemade Nutella recipe that looked so good!  Lucky I had all the ingredients to make my treat!

Despite how delicious it looks I was a little disappointed because I wanted it to taste exactly like Nutella, but it didn't. I also wanted the hazelnut taste to POP more, but again, it did not. I know Cacao is better for you than Coco (the recipe calls for cacao) but I feel like whenever I make a recipe with Cacao, the cacao is all I end up tasting.

This homemade Nutella recipe tasted a lot like these chocolate balls I made. The main difference being the texture. I still like the taste, but I wanted it to magically taste exactly like Nutella!!!!!!!

Side note: I did not have medjool dates on hand. I only had regular dates. Medjool dates are larger and very sweet and yummy. I added more of the other dates since they are not as big a medjool dates. Next time I will use medjool dates. Could I say mejool dates one more time!? MADJOOL DATES!!!!



  • 1.5 cups raw hazelnuts
  • 7 TBSP cacao powder
  • 8 medjool dates
  • ⅔ cups water (or you could use nut milk)
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2 TBSP coconut oil
  • ⅔ tsp vanilla extract


  1. Add hazelnuts to blender and process until you get a sticky dough, almost to a nut butter stage.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until you get a smooth, creamy, thick chocolate spread.
Posted on April 23, 2014 and filed under sweat, dessert.