Free People Clothing Line Getting Heat From Ballet Dancers

I was looking through my Facebook newsfeed and came across a post about Free People and their new ballet inspired clothing line. I love anything dance and ballet- so of course this got me excited. I started to read the comments under the post. The comments were filled with dancers being disappointed in Free People and their video ad for their new "FP movement ballet" line. Check out the video:


Looks like a pretty girl just telling her story and dancing around? Whats the big deal?!  If you are not a dancer or maybe have not seen a professional performance this may look just fine. But here are some of the comments made by professional dancers after viewing the video:

"wait. that sickled biscuit doe!!!! someone cover my eyes... QUICK. HAHAHA. I can't with this."

"This is horrifying. Ballet dancers everywhere are cringing!!!!"

"Free People, please fire your casting director ASAP. This was painful to watch and offensive to anyone who has taken more than on dance class in their life. Thanks for the hilariously entertaining video, though"

I feel for this girl and all the heat she is getting. This is how I picture it going down:

Free People went to a modeling agency, asked for their "dancers" to come and audition for their new line. This girl is cute, can move, and can somewhat play the role of a dancer. She did a few moves, and they hired her. Its all about markability baby.

But I can see the point of the dancers watching this. I am by no means a professional dancer, but I did squeal during the video. It is like hiring a person who can not play basketball to advertise a new type of basketball shoe. Who would take the company or product seriously?

Anyway, I love the line, regardless of their casting choices. And I do think that girl is beautiful sickled foot or not. I am sure next time Free People will think harder and do a little more research before their next video shoot. 

What do you think about the video? Did you notice her lack of technique? Should it matter when casting? I want to hear what you think!

Posted on May 14, 2014 .