A Bridal Shower To Take Notes From

This past weekend we celebrated one of my best UMASS college friends bridal shower. It took place in Western Mass at The Ranch Golf Course Barn/Pavilion. It was a great combination of sunshine, golf courses, class and a rustic barn. Her sister and bridesmaids did an amazing job with decorating the space. It was beautiful! Below are the UMASS ladies!

The tables were decorated with pastel flowers that added a perfect touch of softness.

The cake was covered in hot pink flowers made of frosting. How awesome.

The Sangria set-up was great. Read the little sign on top of the sangria. During our college days we lived in a house on 69 Meadow Street and loved making our sangria. Brought us back with every sip. 

The fabric hanging from the ceiling was my favorite part. It moved with each breeze and added a super backdrop while the bride opened her gifts. The fabric was from her grandmothers sheets (moms mom). On the lower left of the photo is the chair that Amy sat in. It was from her nannys (dads mom) dinning room set. On the chair was a pillow that also came from her moms mom. This was such a sweet, sentimental and creative way of keeping her passed grandmothers close to her during this special day.

Advice for the bride!  (what advice would YOU give to a bride?)

On every table was a bottle of wine with a tag attached to it. All the tags said something different like "first fight" "first anniversary" "Valentines day" we had "snowed in". Each table signed their wine bottle, and the bride and groom get to open the bottle when that specific occasion arrises.. FUN!

Fun/embarrassing side story. Let me start by saying that I rarely get embarrassed. Everyone is human, makes mistakes and does/says stupid things. But I actually covered my face after this incident happened:

In the photo below is Nikki, Amy's sister, announcing the winner to the next raffle prize. (They had a raffle about every 10 minutes throughout the gift opening and I won!) It was seconds after this photo was taken that I stood up to claim my prize,  stepped on the front of my maxi dress and flashed a room full strangers. It felt like my dress was down for a solid 10 seconds. I then screamed something like "OMG did everyone just see my boobs?" making it that much worse. People assured me they saw nothing, but I think they were just being nice. 

Such a wonderful shower! I hope you can take some things away from this post. At least to not step on your maxi dress! :) XOXO 


Posted on June 23, 2014 .