Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipe and my Target® C9 Activewear Review.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is spend the day/night at my friend's house in Hull. Even though it is only an hour (or so) away from Boston, I feel like I am on a far away vacation. The air, the sun, the beach, all just seems so perfect. I am sure a big part of my relaxation is that we are always fed and cared for so well.

Whenever we go, we can expect to:

  • eat some awesome food
  • drink summery cocktails (this weekend it was a 3-ingredient recipe: Gold Rush)
  • do some type of physical activity (running, walking, biking)
  • relax and get some sun on the beach
  • huddle around the chiminea  and make fancy smores
  • shower outside (my favorite!!)
  • hangout with awesome friends

We arrived late Friday night, had some dinner and got to bed at a decent hour. The next morning we made eggs and toast and the girls went for a scenic bike ride.

The ride was about 45 minutes and Amy, the host, gave us some nice history and facts along the way. I knew that we would be doing some type of physical activity while in Hull, so I decided to pack an outfit that Target® sent me from their C9 activewear collection.  I was excited to test it out and super impressed with the comfort and fit. I got size small in both the tank and shorts and both fit perfectly. The shorts were so comfortable as the waist band is stretchy. I love the colors of the tank top and attached bra. The tank is light weight and soft. I am usually not a "pink" person, but the pink is so subtle. It looked great. Next time I will probably pair the tank with black shorts or the shorts with a white or black tank. Too many prints can look busy and too "matchy-matchy". 

Amy led the bike ride to a point where we could see Boston across the water. It was so peaceful in that area. Such a cool spot.

I was a little nervous riding the bike as the seat was a little too high for me. But we all survived. When we arrived home we made lunch for the beach and packed:

  • sandwiches
  • chips
  • crackers
  • plumbs
  • dried apricots
  • raw almonds

My sandwich consisted of avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and hummus. I had some Cape Cod chips on the side (MY FAVORITE!) and a plum for dessert. Later on I got hungry again and snacked on raw almonds and dried apricots. 

We spent most of the day at the beach, showered and then walked to a local restaurant where there was a long wait. We put our name down and walked to a nearby pier to view the sunset. For dinner I got a veggie burger on top of a salad. That was not an option on the menu, but they were able to make it work. 

Such a relaxing weekend. I hope to make it again there this summer. Do you have a favorite getaway place for the summer? What is the one place where you can go and totally relax?

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

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