Beautiful Cape Cod Wedding and Beautiful Bride

My childhood friend got married this weekend at Naticus Marina, and it was just beautiful! She had a day time wedding, and then of course an after party. The day could NOT have been more perfect. The weather was amazing, the tent was awesome, the apps were perfect. Seriously, I could not stop smiling. If you live in the area and are thinking about getting married in the Cape, this venue was AWESOME. It looked over the water and sail boats, had a light house type thing, grassy hangout area, benches, inside bar, and a tent.

There was a raw bar for the cocktail hour, along with passed food. 

I loved the salad appetizer and how the cucumbers acted like a bowl. This is something that I will definitely have to incorporate into my salad making skills.

I got my hair done by Eva at Salon Acote. Eva gave me a perfect updo for the event that allowed me to show off the open back of my dress. My dress was borrowed from a friend (Thanks LSM!) and I got so many compliments. One lady told me she isn't nice enough to give compliments but she loved the dress so much she had too!

The maxi dress is from Pookie & Sebastian, and it looks like they only have stores in NYC. BOO!

The next morning camera man and I drove straight to my parents home where they were planning an afternoon family BBQ. I knew I needed to get a workout in before the BBQ and sweat out some of the alcohol from the night before. I had no workout clothes with me so I found a bathing suit in my old bedroom and was able to get a quick workout in on their back deck. It was SO hot and felt like I was in bikram yoga. 

I did a combination of:

Planks into knees taps 

Plies into plie jumps

burpees into pushups

butt lifts (OF COURSE!)

Sweating felt nice and I was then able to enjoy the BBQ with my family.


 What did you do this weekend? Did you get your workout in?




Posted on June 9, 2014 .