We bought a home! (And a 20 Minute Workout Video)

Such an exciting time for Camera Man and I as we bought our first condo! We are super pumped. As of now we (well not us but you know) have been knocking down walls, redoing cabinets,  re-doing floors and soon painting! We have not officially moved in but hope to within the next couple of weeks!

Since we can not do much on the inside of the house until the work is done, we have been working on the outside. Pulling weeds, sweeping, you know the things grown-ups do. (check out my awesome working gloves). I wanted to wear a face mask and goggles while I pulled weeds, but Camera man thought it was unnecessary! 

Our place is over 100 years old so it has some fun built-ins and character. We are going for an eclectic feel with the furniture, rugs, tables and light fixtures.

I love chandeliers and am SO pumped about getting some awesome ones for the home. I am thinking this one for the kitchen.

Picking paint colors is NOT easy. We thought it would be, but we have changed our mind so many times. We are going for shades of blue grays/ green grays.

I am also in love with statement walls. We are going for two statement walls in our home that will be covered with awesome wall paper.

The first one is for the guest bedroom. YES I love mermaids!!!! I saw it at Anthropologie and THEN found it on SALE Here!

We will be using the wall paper featured below in our entrance, right as you walk in. This paper is really, really fantastic.  I discovered it while reading about a featured home in Boston Magazine.

Our apartment now is in disarray since we are packing things up.  There is no room to shoot videos inside, so all my videos have been outside. Lucky it is summer so that is not too much of a problem. I am excited for the new space as I will be making a lot more workout and COOKING videos!!!!  AND you will get some new scenery :) 

Check out this AWESOME video I just filmed with Barbara. It is such a good workout!!! Ill keep you posted on the home front :)

Posted on July 28, 2014 .