Easy ways to improve your posture!

I recently met with a person who has quickly become one of my favorite people, Astrid Bengtson, aka Posture Queen

I heard of Astrid over 2 years ago and kept her name in the back of my brain knowing that one day I wanted to do a collab with her. I recently reached out to her and I immediately knew she was something special. We chatted via text and I swear I could feel her energy through the phone!

WE (you and me!) are so lucky to have gotten so much amazing information from Astrid. She knows SO much. I sat with her for hours just chatting. She had an answer to every single one of my questions, and she backed every single answer with research knowledge. She is my kind of lady!

Of course I do not want to keep all this knowledge for myself so we made a video for you. It answers A LOT of questions. But maybe you have more? Comment below with your questions and Astrid will answer. Seriously guys take advantage of this and ask away!

Sadly Astrid and her famous chef husband are running off to LA. Boston will miss them, but I am sure I will work with Astrid again. XO

Posted on August 26, 2014 .