Quick and Simple Health Tips That Make a Difference.

  • Drop the sugary juice drinks. It adds unnecessary sugars and calories. 
  • Walk at least 10,000 steps a day (5 miles a day).
  • Brush your teeth after dinner or have some mint  tea. This is a sign that you are DONE so you do not mindlessly snack late night.
  • Want some nuts? Or some chips? Do not eat straight out of a huge bag. Pour some out in a bowl, eat it and enjoy it.
  • (personal trick) I always eat a mini cucumber or two before dinner or while I am waiting for dinner to cook. I LOVE cucumbers and its a nice crunchy snack incase I am feeling some hunger pains. Rather than snacking on chips or bread and cheese grab some raw veggies and chow down. Boring? eeeek try it!  Make a fun yummy dip. Maybe black bean hummus to go with it.  
  • Buy some lemons and squeeze them out in a mason jar and cover it up. Place in the fridge and use within 3 days. You will always have fresh lemon juice on hand to add to dressings or to help jazz up a glass of water. If you do not plan to use the lemon juice right away make ice cubes with it. The juice will stay much longer! (tip:  rinse the lemon before you cut into it)
  • Sit, eat, breathe, take your time ENJOY. We rush around too much or we are always on our phones/ipads when eating. Be present. 
  • Make your OWN dressing. No store bought preservative filled dressings. YOU control how much of everything and what you add to your dressings.
  • Something is better than nothing. You can only get a 15 minute home workout in so you nix it.... no way! Get that 15 minutes in, so much better than 0 minutes. In fact just do one of my videos! This is my latest 20 minute full body workout
  • When you are on the run and need to grab a snack and need to pick between a bag of nuts or a sports/nutrition bar, I say go with the nuts. Think of eating things in their simplest, whole, most natural form.

Do you have some quick healthy tips? I want to hear it. Comment below! XO



Posted on August 29, 2014 .