The Most Amazing Class I Ever Taught.

I will spare you the details leading up the main event because that is not the important part. Here’s what happened this Friday afternoon:

I was late to teaching my class and in this teaching world of mine, you CANNOT be late. It is not an option. There is only on time and on time means early. As I was on my way to class, knowing I would be VERY late, thoughts and scenarios were running through my mind. Will anyone still be in class? If they are in class will they be mad and grumpy? Will I get death stares and upset comments? I pictured my students all sitting on their mats, arms crossed and pissed off. I pictured myself apologizing and feeling terrible because I let everyone down. I pictured all of my positive energy being sucked up and not being able to get rid of the terrible pit feeling in my stomach. For all the teachers out there, you know the feeling. It’s in your gut, that feeling of letting people down and of disappointing people who depend on the schedule.

I frantically parked my car, ran through the gym, and burst into the main studio. What I saw made me immediately smile and touched my heart in so many ways. All my anxious feelings dissipated and all I wanted to do was give everyone hugs. This was about to be the most amazing class I ever taught.
All of my students were working out in unison. They all had the bar in their hands with their legs lifted behind them.


The room was silent except for my own faint voice coming through a dedicated student’s (also named Lauren) phone. The phone was strategically placed on the lip of the mirror and everyone was following the person in front of them. Lauren, in her regular front left spot, led the class while watching one of my videos. The whole class was 25 minutes into one of my YouTube videos. The picture above shows the exact moment they were at when I entered the room. Rather than being upset and annoyed, or complaining that their instructor was late, they did something amazing. They joined together, worked together, and found an awesome solution. I instantly felt calm, proud even, when I saw their smiling, sweaty faces! Thank you Lauren for saving the day...I will be forever grateful! And thank you, class as a whole, for making this a learning lesson for everyone, especially me. I left class that day feeling so energized, happy, and thankful for teaching the most amazing class.

I ended up teaching that class for a about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I worked them hard and they all kicked a$$. I love all my students, but this particular class I taught will always stand out, and not for the reason I initially thought it might. Much love to anyone who has ever walked into my class. You all ROCK!

Posted on January 4, 2015 .