I Transformed My Wedding Dress into a Skirt

I loved my wedding dress. It was simple, chic, and easy to dance in. When I got it made my big requirement was for it to move and dance with me. It did just that and more.

After the big day was over, I got my dress cleaned and it sat in my closet. I would peek at it every now and then, but it just sat there. I am not really sure why most of us keep our wedding dresses in a box or hidden in our closet.  My mom actually donated hers so I never got to see it (other than in photos), or try it on. 

A year and a half later, I decided to make my dress into a skirt. A skirt I could wear again and again. A skirt that, one day, I can pass along to my daughter or niece. A skirt that will tell a story every time I wear it. 

I hired a local wedding dress designer/maker,  Ana Hernandez to make the transformation happen.

Ana made wedding dresses for two of my friends. I trusted her from our first chat. Her work is clean, she is punctual, and puts her heart into every stitch. Thank you Ana for giving my wedding dress another burst of life. 

I am SO happy with how it came out. She even made the top of the dress a bustier. I am so excited to wear my new maxi skirt and let my wedding dress live on.

Posted on January 9, 2015 .