I'm Back From My Getaway!

I soaked up the sun, dug my feet in the sand, and dunked my body in the clearest water ever; and I feel alive again!!!!

Camera Man and I took a 5 day trip to Turks and Caicos. We did a lot of eating yummy food and managed to stay pretty darn active. We paddled boarded, did AM yoga and night time Pilates, we walked this awesome 2 mile trail and worked out in the beautiful sunny resort gym.

We ate colorful salads- and even better desserts! Thumbs up the the pastry chef!

The Salad above is called the BIG salad. I got this 3 times! It was an assortment of all different veggies. I love how they were spiralized!

Breakfast was my favorite. There was an assortment of juices to pick from, all so fresh and delicious. Every morning I had a juice, or two, and two eggs over medium. And for breakfast dessert,  yes breakfast dessert, I would have a chocolate croissant! They were SO good!

I practically lived in the cover up shown below. I got it from VS. It is so soft and light weight but covers just the right mount. I could tie it tighter and close it more if I wanted to. Bah, I just looked at the site and no longer see it! Maybe you will have more luck.

While we were on the beach I of course made a video for you! I filmed early in the AM, so we were interrupted by the "seaweed patrol' watch the video.. and laugh!

Posted on March 26, 2015 .