Avocado Toast. Have you tried it?

It is so simple, yet so amazing. Avocado is the absolute best. So many good fats and so filling! I eat it every day.

I was in NYC this weekend to visit my gal pals since elementary school.

NYC is always a blast. We stayed out til 4am and danced the night away.

During the day we explored, shopped and ate. We went to a cool industrial/vintage/chic restaurant for brunch in Brooklyn. I came across avocado toast on the menu and got SO excited. I eat avocado on toast at home but I have never seen it on a menu! I of course ordered this as part of my meal and split it with everyone at the table just so we could all share in my joy.

The toast was topped with cilantro and pickled onions. My friend who lives in NYC said that avocado toast is common, yet I have never seen it in Boston!

Have you tried avocado toast? What do you put on it?

Posted on March 30, 2015 .