Pilates Is No Joke.

This past weekend I participated in Equinox's Mat Pilates training program taught by the amazing Shannon Egleson. It was a 3 day 8 hour course with a lot of information and a lot of learning. We were so lucky to have such an amazing group of ladies all ranging from barre teachers, to spin teachers and even phyiscal therapists!

I feel so inspired and so lucky to have taken such an amazing course. I felt exercises like I never have before, and got a really great anatomy refresher course! 

Have you ever tried a Pilates class? I have taken class from my friends Jennifer, Meagan, and Hanneke, but I now have a new appreciation for this amazing method and realize that the "mat class" is just a small portion of the whole Pilates picture.

With my new learned knowledge I promise to bring my students something new and exciting! Go Pilates! 

On my last day of training I came home to this amazing dinner made by Camera Man. Thai Red Curry Poached Salmon with string beans, peppers, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots, topped with fresno peppers and cilantro over white basmati rice. What a treat!

Posted on April 20, 2015 .