The Fit List: 5

Welcome to The Fit List!  

Every week I give you a "Top 5" list of what's on my mind when it comes to health, fitness, food and sometimes even fashion! Come visit me weekly for The Fit List.

1. Have a sweet tooth? Satisfy your craving with a date! Medjool dates are my favorite, loaded with vitamins and minerals with the sweetness to satisfy any craving. 

2. I went to a Korean restaurant with a friend yesterday and there was an awesome pickled cucumber side dish. Check THIS side dish out. Looks so easy to make! I will be trying this.

3.Nutritional Yeast. The name doesn't sound so hot, but yes people eat this stuff! I haved cooked with it before too, and it could be a vegan's best friend. Read more here

4. My latest YouTube video. It's really good. Its all about the upper body. No mat needed, just weights. 


5. I love fall. And every fall I get my Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joe's. It goes so well with Ezekiel bread and almond butter. 

What's on your mind this week? Comment below or email me! Maybe it will make The Fit List.

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Posted on September 28, 2015 .