A new way to shop: Special deal inside!

I recently discovered a site called Scratch. It is a free personal shopping service that takes the hassle out of online shopping by giving you personalized recommendations for anything on your list. It works in two ways:

1. Submit a request to the personal shoppers to find what you are looking for.

2. Shop their collections made by people like me! Check out my collection below. 

The coolest thing: You get a personal shopper at NO cost to you, and they do NOT bump up the cost of the items. In fact, they try to help you find the best online deals. You can shop for home goods, gifts, clothing... anything! 

I teamed up with Scratch to bring you my Fitness and Healthy Cooking collections. Check it out below- and let me know you favorites!

Check out my fitness gear collection and  healthy cooking collections. Whats your favorite item?

You can follow this link to make a personalized request or you can also mention Lauren Hefez at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: I was not paid for this post, and I DO NOT get any kick backs for anything that is sold. So, I am doing this just because I thought it was a cool concept, and I want you to get 15% off!

Scratch is giving all you lovely folks 15% off your purchase now through February 18th!! Follow the link above or mention Lauren Hefez at check out.


Happy shopping XO




Posted on February 4, 2016 .