The Fit List: 10

The Fit List is Back! Do you remember The Fit List? I LOVED writing them and updating you on the latest and the greatest. Here are some past Fit List:

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Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 Hemp Hearts

I have been in love with hemp hearts for quite some time now, but have never shared with you the amazing benefits of this awesome seed. WHY, lauren? Why has it taken you so long!

Well, your life will be forever changed. Hemp hearts are the best. I put them on everything, and like them even more than chia seeds! I mean I like chia seeds, but hemp hearts take the gold for me!

Hemp hearts/seeds have a nutty flavor and texture. A little storage tip: they can go rancid, so make sure you store them in the fridge (for maybe 6 months) or in your pantry (for about 3). Sunlight is not its friend. 

How to eat them:

  • on top of yogurt
  • mixed in smoothies
  • in your salad (so good!)
  • sprinkle on oatmeal or on top of fruits
  • make hemp milk with it! 
  • in your pasta sauce, gives it a nice nutty flavor
  • in your chia seed pudding
  • in soups


  • they are not a nut, so those with nut allergies can eat them- and still get the awesome taste of nuts!
  • great source of vitamin E and minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, ir on and zinc. Also rich in omega 3 and 6
  • a complete source of  PLANT BASED protein!
  • easy protein for your body to digest compared to meat, whole eggs, cheese and milk (and it does not cause bloating or gas!)

#1 Breastmilk Frosting

Griff recently turned one (yay!). I, of course, made him homemade cupcakes with breastmilk frosting! It was so good, yes I tried it. And instead of confectioners sugar the recipe asked for arrowroot. So cool. First time I ever used it! 

Here are other alternatives to powdered sugar for frosting.

#3 March Of Dimes fundraiser class for #teamgriff

I will be leading an amazing class on Sunday, May 7th at Ink Block in Boston. IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!! Sign up here! If you can not join in on the fun, but would still like to donate? Donate HERE!

#4 My Favorite Sneakers For Walking

I have been obsessed with these shoes for years. Light weight. Machine washable. And so darn cute. I have them in black and gray and will get more. I wrote about these before in another Fit List.

#5 Save An Avocado You Cut Too Soon

I did this this last week and I was so mad - I cut into an avocado that was not ripe enough. So I looked up how to save it. And it works! I went the extra mile and covered it  with foil just to make sure nothing got in!

XO, Until next week!


Posted on April 24, 2017 .