108 days in the NICU


...and still going.  

I didn't think we would be here this long. I was sure my boy would be out of the NICU by "term" , 40 weeks. But now we are over term, and I am holding my big boy while he is being fed by a tube running from his nose to his belly. 

Griffin is great. He is beyond perfect, but we need more time in the NICU. We are working on oral feeds, he aspirates when he eats which means that milk is getting into his lungs. A lot of this is developmental and will just take time. We need to wait until he matures and is able to "breathe, suck and swallow" in sequence and safely. 

My heart is in my throat as there are so many unknowns. I look at Griff and he reminds me how lucky I am to have such an amazing boy. Already he has taught me so much.

I am still teaching 2 classes a week and doing private events/ parties when I can. When Griff comes home I plan to take a full month off and then slowly ease back to teaching. Until then - thank you for your constant loving energy and positive thoughts - keep them coming and let's get this boy home, happy and healthy! 

Posted on August 2, 2016 .