The Fit List: 12

Every week I bring you the top 5 things on my mind when it comes to food, fitness, and fashion.

#1 Abs Video

Check out my latest YouTube video. Its all about abs. It's quick, so just do it, k? I filmed in my kitchebn, 'cause why not?

#2 Organic and Natural Mat Cleaner

A student/friend was using it in class and everyone kind of went crazy over it. And for good reason. Buy it here!  (Thanks Ellen!)

#3 Watercress

I have been eating more watercress lately. It has a strong flavor, kind of peppery, but I like it. Throw it in your next salad.

#4 Fresh Ginger Tea

Most nights I slice some ginger and put it in hot water to make tea. It's soothing and especially good if you have an upset stomach. 


#5 Nina Davies Jewlery

I got a "GRIFFIN" name bracelet from Nina Davies Jewelry, as part of her alphabet series. I am OBSESSED with it. Literally, wear it every day and have not taken it off. Such a fun and easy to wear bracelet. Would make a cute gift too!  



Posted on May 22, 2017 .