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Vietnam for honeymoon

20130515-173834.jpg After flying for a whole day we have arrived to Vietnam! So far the food here is awesome and I have been more adventurous than usual, even eating fried food! Pictured above is a fried elephant ear fish. We ate it wrapped with rice paper and veggies.

Today we went on a private river tour. We had multiple stops along the way, each stop showing us a bit of the Vietnamese culture.


We watched rice being turned into popped rice (kind of tastes like popcorn) and Brandon drank some snake wine, I passed on that!


On the cruise they served us some cool exotic fruit. Dragon fruit, "red hairy egg" and "dragon eye". Yumm. Wish we could grow these in the USA.


Tomorrow we are going to the local market to get some produce then we will be taking a cooking class and making lunch! Can't wait. Will update more tomorrow. Xin chào!

Xin chào is the formal way of greeting and saying hello or goodbye.


Posted on May 15, 2013 and filed under events.