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Wegmans in Virgina

Hi all. I am on my to Virginia!! I am in a car and have some time on my hands so I am going to write out this whole post on my phone and drive at the same time!! Just kidding (about the driving).

Whenever I travel I try to stop at a grocery store along the way to grab some healthy snacks that do not take preparation and can stay without refrigeration. I stopped at Wegmans food market (first time in there!) and saw they had breakfast sandwiches. Most of the sandwiches were already prepared with either cheese or bacon or both. I asked if they could make me an egg white on a whole wheat English muffin, no cheese or meat. It was simple and hit the spot.


After my breakfast I walked around and explored the store a little bit more. There was so much produce and the store just kept going and going. I really wanted to buy a green juice, but couldn't find any. I am not sure if I missed them, but I was a bit disappointed at their juice selections.

I bought bananas, cucumbers, granola, almonds, cacao energy bites and a pear! Enough snacks to last me the weekend.

Do you have a Wegmans in your area? Supposedly one is opening in Boston!

Have a superb weekend :)


Posted on April 5, 2013 and filed under events, food.