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Reebok Headquarters Cardio Dance Fusion Class

Yesterday I made my way to the Reebok Headquarters to lead the HR team through a cardio dance fusion class for their annual meeting. The class was held in the Crossfit gym where we had a great sound system and ample room to move around. I was so pleased with the group! They were awesome and totally rocked it. They laughed and sweat the whole time and were the perfect display of what I wish for in a dance class. Laid back fun people who love to sweat!

Whenever I go to the Reebok headquarters I always make sure I have time to shop! I bought some cool studded sneakers called "Princess" from the Alicia Keys line.

What do you think?? Today I am off to NYC with my mom for a dress fitting!!

Oh and check out these ones too! I saw my Equinox boss wearing them a few days ago. They are so fun... Alicia Keys as well.

Posted on November 16, 2012 and filed under events, fashion, fitness.