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My Favorite Way To Start The Day

I know that we are all busy with work and just life in general and the few days we may have "off" usually do not include YOU time. Your day off may mean meeting up with friends, doing laundry, seeing family, picking up your dry cleaning, cleaning out your fridge where you may possibly find month-old almond milk (I am not judging) ... and the list goes on.

However long our lists, I always think that making time for YOURSELF is super important, even if it is just 10 minutes. My favorite way to start my day is to take an awesome walk. This time allows me to plan out my day, take in some air, and get my blood flowing. I also do not mind if Camera Man joins along :)  

How to start your "day off" off right: 

TIP 1. Put on real clothes when you wake up. I find that the faster I get out of my pj's the more productive I am. In the images below I documented one of my morning walks. I am wearing a fabulous outfit Athleta sent me. 

Exertion Bralette: This Bralette is super cute. I just love it. I am wearing it in this KILLER ABS video:

It holds me well and gives the girls a little lift, who doesn't love that?! It is simple to match due to the black and white color and the criss cross feature in the back is my favorite. 

Tropic Aliso Pant: These pants are awesome! I wore them to class one day and got plenty of compliments. They are light, breezy, and have POCKETS! Great for walks since no purse is needed. You can stick everything in your pant pockets!

Above: Later, after my breakfast and some errands, I took a class at a studio near my home. I love taking other peoples classes. Other teachers inspire me, and even if I learn just one new thing it is worth it! 

Mesh Pullover:  I wear this pullover maybe too much! It is so easy to dress up or down and it is great for a chilly day in the warmer months.

TIP 2. Walk to your center (if you live in a city or in a town with a walkable center) OR find a park or a bike path that you can drive to. You can even take a skip around your neighborhood; it does not have to be a crazy fancy walk or have greenery for it to be effective.

I started my walk on a bike path and ended up in Davis Square. I was parched so I stopped along the way to grab an iced coffee at Diesel cafe.

I love cinnamon in my iced coffee and if I am feeling really crazy I'll add in some cocoa and vanilla. WHAT? Try it.

TIP 3. Your walk does not have to be long. Take 10 minutes you will feel great! (however, I am NOT opposed to long walks)

TIP 4. When you get back home have a super breakfast, green juice, smoothie or anything that will continue to energize you for your day.

After my walk I made myself eggs with turmeric and pepper, toast with almond butter, sliced cucumbers, and an arugula salad with EVOO and lime juice. 

BAM. Carpe diem. 

Do you try to get walks in during the week or on the weekends? Where is your favorite place to walk? How else do you make YOU time?

This post was sponsored by Athleta through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Athleta, all opinions are my own.

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Review: Nina B Roze Feminine Active Apparel

Image Around Valentines Day Nina B Roze reached out to me about her Heart Butt Yoga leggings. These leggings have gotten so much press and attention, and I can see why! I'd love to have a heart on my butt :)

Nina's collection is located out of LA and is inspired by the Victorian era, unique details and the modern woman. They make their apparel functional for an athlete and elegant enough to wear out. I looked through their apparel and really fell in love with the style of The Sports Yoga Top that I am wearing below.


The top was a bit funny to get on at first. I bet most people do not have this problem, I just get confused when there is more than one hole (in a shirt!!) Ew, come on guys!

Anyway, It was SUPER cute when it was on. I love the lace cap sleeves and the back, OMG the back. So sexy, and I felt special in it.

Although I am in love with the design and the look I am not so much in love with the material. I am into super soft clothes that feel amazing on my skin. The Sports Yoga Top felt a little like a thick bathing suit (just a little more loose). Sometimes that material is NOT forgiving. Just something to keep in mind. I would still wear this top, but would be selective during which activities I wear it.

I do not doubt that when I wear this to the gym it will get a lot of attention.

Below I asked Nina some questions so that we can get to know a little more about her and her brand. Check it out!

USE PROMO CODE MYHBL20 for 20% off the entire shop! 

What material are your clothes made out of?

  • We use an array of fabrics that compliment the body and keep it cool. For tops we use spandex, poly knits, mesh and open lace that allows your skin to breathe during different activities. Bottoms we chose moisture management fabrics such as dryflex made from polymide that dry quickly on the body.

Why do you think they are good for working out? Or how are they different?

  • The clothes have a great fit and move with the body. Recently, I had a yoga instructor tell me “It feels like I’m wearing nothing”. Which supports the purpose of a better workout. The clothes are unique because they’re versatile. Women will wear our pieces for pilates, barre classes, gym or yoga, while others will wear them wearing errands, lounging around the house and even going out for dinner. The idea is create beautiful pieces that can be worn everywhere!

What inspires you?

  • I love transformation. In my eyes, when I look at a woman, I automatically envision in her something I designed or about to design. My inspiration comes from yoga studios, gym floors and seeing women on the street. I take this essence and collaborate it with Victorian era, unique embellishments and mixing fabrics that allows me to create functional, yet beautiful clothing. I love incorporating feminine details that have an elegant look when you want to go out, yet keeping the construction and functionality for working out.

When and how did you start designing clothes?

  • I have been designing clothes all my life. My official moment of design happened when my parents left me in my room with a needle, fabric and my tiny Barbie at the age of 7. It was that day, I hand-sewed a yellow dress with beaded embellishment at the hem. After that, came many different Barbie outfits of sailors, unique gowns, and party dresses that were all photographed in-front of a backdrop I had painted. My serious approach to design was when I got accepted to Otis College of Art & Design, where I learned the process of designing a garment, a collection, draping and pattern-making, tailoring and so much more. The techniques of design I still use today.

Do you work out? If yes, what is your favorite activity?

  • I love to work out! I think it’s the most incredible thing you can do for your body. I enjoy running, lifting weights and taking Hot power fusion yoga. On occasion I will indulge in a barre class, to remind myself of my teenage years when I was a ballerina.

Thank you Nina B Roze for sharing your beautiful fitness apparel with us! I hope to see more beautiful designs in the future!

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