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Tips for a successful engagement shoot, and a famous pinterest arm video of mine!

It always gets me excited when people tell me they see my videos or pictures or blog posts floating around Pinterest. This video, in particular, has made a presence around the site. Maybe you have seen it before?  It works and I love it!

One of the biggest things for me during my wedding planning was finding a good photographer. It is something that years after your wedding you will look at and hopefully share with friends, family, and your kids... EEEEK!  After much research and looking through so many wedding blogs I found a photographer that I love. Abby Lorenz. I love her because her pictures are not the ordinary, and they all tell a story. Here are some shots from our engagement shoot. We were lucky enough to have an easy going photographer in which we felt comfortable. Chemistry is key!  Here are a few more tips before you take your engagement shots:

*All photos were taken by Abby Lorenz Photography! She is available for hire!

I love the pictures in front of your apartment door. It's a must! (If you live together) Or at least visit a place that you both love. A restaurant? Bar? Park?  A special tree?

fave infront of 645

Props are fun. Grab something that you both can play around with. It will make posing less awkward and you can focus your attention on something else.

photo (8)

Walk and talk. You both know how to do this. If you just walk the streets of your town or you "hood" you will feel comfortable. OK it is a little odd having someone follow you around with a camera, but if you are like me that's a dream come true! For my fiance, more like a nightmare  Anyway, try to pretend that it is just the two of you. You do not always have to pose. I LOVE streets pics. Stop in the middle of the road. Look both ways first!!!

photo (9)

Use your environment and get a little silly and creative. We saw a ledge and right away Abby said "hop on up"! We had so much fun and it created an easy flirty environment.

silly brick

Use Pinterest for ideas! I did. We had a "chalk fight"!  What a blast! And the pictures came out awesome.

get dirty pinterest

What are your passions? What do you love to do ? Do you both run? Paint? Golf? Fish? I love to dance. So that is what I did. We ended up with some great shots. If you do something you love it will come natural! dancing

Lastly, the one leg up picture! So cute and sassy. Try it!

leg up!

I filmed two new VIDEOS for you this week. Stay tuned will post soon :)

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Sometimes it's more fun working out with a buddy

It's a rare opportunity when my fiance lets me "Work him out". I usually hear him say "no, I have soccer tomorrow"  or "no, I went to the gym yesterday" or just plain old "not a chance". So on the VERY FEW AND RARE occasions that he says "YES" I get so excited I could pee myself!

Yesterday was one of those "YES" days. So I set up two mats, took out some light weights for arms and back. and grabbed a kickball for abs. Most of the exercises I put him through I modified for myself. We did a lot of plank and push up variations. I made sure to throw in some back work to even us out. The workout was under 25 minutes and we were both sweaty! It was so much fun.. for me at least!

I find that working out with someone can be motivating and just more fun. I once worked out with a friend who is also a trainer. We set out two mats and I put her through an exercise and she put me through one. We did this for about 30 minutes back and fourth. We both learned some new moves and the workout flew by! Try it and let me know how it goes. Instead of a dinner date, it can be a workout date! YEAH?! OR workout while dinner is cooking! HOLLA.

Here is an old workout video we did together.  I plan to do another video demonstrating what we did yesterday, because it was amazing. I am sore from it today!

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Best Arm Workout, Part II Do it! Love it! And embrace it! I LOVE these kind of arm workouts. Awesome music, no need for weights, and your arms get a kick ass workout!  I recorded my first "Best Arm workout" last year and it was was a huge hit, so I thought I would bring you another one! Enjoy. And lets get those SEXY arms!


Here was the 1st arm series: (haha I just noticed I am wearing the SAME tank top in both videos! Looks like it will have to become my signature "Best Arm Series" tank!

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