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My adventure with Green Drinks

I can remember, at least 15 years ago, when my dad bought his first juicer and would juice everything! He would make straight up carrot juice and try to make my brother and I drink it. We REALLY did not like it. What 12 year old would?? And now, it is the biggest trend. A couple of months ago I tried my frist official green juice at SCLA Boston, and thought it was made with WAY too much ginger. I tried to force myself to take it down, but just couldn't. I later tried a juice from a local store near my apartment, and really liked it. It was made from kale,celery, apple, pear and carrots. Whenever I am at Whole foods I always see the "BluePrint drinks. I am usually hesitant to buy them because of the cost, $10!



But today, I bought one... and I LOVE IT! It is very earthy and has a hint of lemon at the end. I truly enjoy the taste but can see how some people might not be able to take it down. I think it helps when the juice is realllllly COLD!

I am not a fan of drinking juices as a substitution for meals. I think grabbing a juice as a snack, or pick me up is fine. Or even alongside a piece of almond butter and toast for breakfast. The green BluePrint drink has only 130 calories. NOT enough for a meal, well for me at least. I plan to add more juices into my diet, but more as a morning addition or midday pick me up, rather than as a meal substitution.

On my wish list is a juicer, but I have been banned from buying any more gadgets at the moment... there is NO room in my apartment for anything! SO I will have to wait, OR just keep buying crazy expensive drinks!?

What is your favorite green juice mixture? Do you have a juicer? Which one?

Posted on January 22, 2013 and filed under drink.