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OPEN hip flexors = TIGHT butt

Not seeing the results you want from all that butt work you have been doing? Your tight hip flexors might be getting in your way. The Hip flexor stretch is my favorite. Tight hips affect many of us, either from a long day of sitting at work, a long commute, or just overuse.  We tend to use our hips and activate them even when they are not needed.  Your butt and hip flexors are opposing muscles. Having an open hip flexor muscle not only feels great, but it can also help your butt muscles get tighter and help wake them up a little.  And who doesn't want a butt that's awake?!

Try this stretch and then pair it with the butt workout below!

After your hips are nice and open make sure you do some butt work. Open your hips then tighten your butt!

Posted on October 23, 2012 and filed under fitness.