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San Francisco hills, make a run that much harder

I was away this past week in San Francisco visiting family


and wine.

During my vacation I made sure to get in 4 days of a full workout. Two of those days were spent running the hills of San Francisco. HOLY MOLY. Seriously awesome. I would walk fast up one hill and then sprint up another, I was exhausted in no time. I am not a fan of inclines on treadmills so the natural hills were a real challenge. The workout was just what I needed to switch up my regular routine!  Check out these hills:

The other day consisted of hiking/ walking a scenic trail

and my last day was my first pilates reformer class!

Have you ever tried the reformer? Did you like it?

Oh, one more thing... humor me and do a solid minute of what I call standing twist oblique work. Some tips on form:

  • keep your knees together
  • twist your upper body in the opposite direction than your hips are going
  • pull your stomach in tight and use your arms to help you get some movement
  • jump like you have never jumped before

Enjoy and feel those obliques working!

Posted on May 15, 2012 and filed under fun.