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Dry brushing. Can it really help you firm up and reduce bloat?


When I first heard the term dry brushing I had no idea what to think. But it really is exactly what it says. You brush your body with a dry brush, and you are dry. Why? Exactly.  Just what I thought.

Dry brushing is thought to stimulate the body’s circulation and lymphatic systems. By massaging or stimulating your lymph nodes it helps shed excess water and toxins from your body. Your lymphatic system, unlike your circulatory system, does not move on it's own and relies on the movement of your muscles and diaphragm. Dry brushing can give your lymph a little oomph. (hehe)

I have even read some people swearing that it reduces their cellulite. I am not sure how I feel about that one. In the end of the day dry brushing is inexpensive (about $15 for a brush),  takes 5-10 minutes, will feel amazing on your body, and you will for sure shed some dead skin, right?

Things to know about dry brushing:

The Brush:

You can purchase the brush at a Whole Foods, or a health foods store. Look for natural bristles, not synthetic. Look for stiff bristles, but not too tough for your body. Test it out on your hand to see how it feels. Try to get a long handle brush so you can reach your back!

How to dry brush:

Start at your ankles and create firm strokes in toward the center of your body. I also read that some people make circular motions and move toward their heart. You want to brush toward your heart because this is the natural path of your lymphatic system. Do not push so hard, like a crazy person, it should not be painful. Your skin will most likely turn pink, but it should not be bright red and painful. After you finish your legs brush your arms, shoulders, stomach and armpits! I know there are a lot of lymphs in the armpits! 

How often:

If you are just starting off, 2-3 time a week. After your skin and body are used to the dry brushing you can slowly increase to every day. People who "dry brush" usually do it before they shower.  If you only shower once a week, you can dry brush before you go to bed.

I plan on trying this dry brushing thing. Does you dry brush? Has you ever heard of it before? Let me know down below! XO

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