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One of my favorite gift registry items

I always thought gift registries were weird  You tell people what you want them to get you and then you have to act surprised when you open the gift at your shower. I was/am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and generosity my friends and family showed during my wedding shower. I did not think this would happen, but I actually DID get excited about the gifts I was opening, even though I knew I registered for them. This was one of my favorites.

ImageI love the way the berries look in the ceramic colander, and it makes it so much easier to wash the berries and store them in the fridge. I also snack right out of the colander! So easy, cheap, and a great gift item. Highly recommended!

I finally got back on the YouTube video train. I was off for about a week because of Boston events that distracted me greatly. BUT back on track, and I made this awesome butt video for you :)  



I will also be doing another bride arms video next week. You will need to get an elastic workout band. If you don't have one get one. It will be worth it! I would recommend getting the black.  You can also check your local sports store, or marshals.

Enjoy the beautiful sun and wear your SPF! 

What is your favorite gift ever? I want to hear!!!