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A workout for a bummed leg or foot

I rolled my ankle last night during my dance cardio class. It happened in the first 10 minutes of class and somehow I was able to finish teaching. Everyone in the class saw it happen, so they were all supportive. All class I felt like I was doing the sprain dance, like Lisa Turtle. I even saw some students in class hopping on one leg like me.



It is annoying to have an injury but you can still find ways to work out. Like this person:


I sprained my ankle once in college while in dance practice. I was out for about 2 weeks. I swam every day to keep myself in shape. So if you have a bummed leg or foot try this workout. It will focus on your pecs (armpits), abs and your back! 





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Dance lessons for your wedding and a cool bachelorette idea

Image Being a dancer I wanted something special for my first dance. My camera man (AKA my fiance) and I are on two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to dancing. Our ballroom teacher and owner of Ballroom in Boston asked us to pick a number on a scale of 1-10 on how much we want our dance to be like "Dancing With The Stars". I said 10, camera man said 1. We met half way with a 5.


Some people like to wing their first dance and just feel the moment. I 100% repspect that. It can be a lot of pressure on a couple to perform a choreographed dance on top of all other things you need to worry about, but taking lessons can also relieve some of that pressure. If that makes sense?

My camera man and I took some group classes, and then started on private lessons. I think the lessons helped us connect on a different level. We had to work together in a way we never had. In the beginning I took control, too much control. It is the mans job to lead the dance, and I had a hard time letting him do that. I would pull him around like I was in control, he did not like this :) Now I let him lead, and he is SO GOOD! (YAY)

We took about 3 private lessons and practiced on our own. Our wedding is in under three weeks  (EEEEK!!!) and we both feel pretty good about the dance. I will be sure to show you the full dance after the wedding. (We picked a short song, only 2 minutes 30 seconds).  I recommend taking lessons even if you are NOT going to perform a dance or even if you are already married. It is exciting, and different, and I really mean it, you will leave smiling and learn about your partner and something new will spark. Keep your eyes open for special ballroom dancing deals and packages on coupon type websites.

This past weekend I taught an 80's themed barre fitness class for a bachelorette party! It was a blast!!! All the girls dressed in 80's gear and I blasted some awesome 80's music. What a unique way to start out your bachelorette party! After their workout they got themselves showered, dressed and ready for a wine tasting the rest of their night festivities.


Check out this Video on my Facebook page for a 10 second snip of the class.

Ask your local gym if they can hold a private party. I know Boston Equinox does this for FREE!  It is a great way to expose the gym and instructor, and something a little different and for sure FUN.

Black Friday sales and NEW WORKOUT VIDEO

Here is a video that will make you feel AWESOME! Take 15 minutes out of your day today and do it!

Happy Black Friday. Avoid the crowds and order online. BodyRock Sport is having an incredible deal; 40% off until 11/25! They have amazing stuff so shop away, and check out the "Lauren Bra" named after me!!  ** Enter GOBBLE at checkout for 40% off.

My other favorites from BodyRock:

Morning after top

Jayde Moto Jacket

The Ruby Bra

The Jan Bra

The Sophie Bra

ANOTHER amazing brand, Hotdrop, is giving 35% off if you use the code MAKEWAY. They are getting a lot of new apparel and gear this week, hence the word "makeway". Be sure to check them out and become a fan of their Facebook page! Below is a video I did with Sarah Dussault, where I am wearing the "Lauren Bra" from Hotdrop.

Have a great weekend! See you with some new videos and material next week! Cheers!

National Dance Day

Yesterday was National Dance Day and to celebrate I taught a 45 minute dance/ZUMBA class to some awesome and energetic dancers and then bustled over to  Lululemon Pudential Center to dance in their window! This is not the first time I have done this, and hope it won't be the last. The different reactions I get from walker-byers are priceless! You have people smiling, waving, and cheering as they walk by. You have people who stand and watch and those who quickly hustle by and not even make eye contact. My favorite are the little boys and girls who watch in amazement and then start dancing with me!

The whole crew at Lululemon was so supportive and excited to dance. I even had Laurin, one of the assistant managers, jump on the "stage" and boogie with me! Thank you Saturday morning dance crew girls and Lululemon Atheltica for sharing National Dance Day with me!

Photos from the window dancing :

I am wearing Dignity Halter and Wunder Under Crop Light

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