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Dairy free tomato soup and whats in my shopping cart!

I went a little crazy at Whole Foods today. Usually I go food shopping 2 times a week and grab a few things here and there. But today I did it ALL in one shot. When I started putting my groceries on the conveyor belt (?) the Whole Foods employee asked if I wanted delivery. Delivery? UMM YES please!  It was PERFECT. I walked home, without my groceries, and Whole foods arrived at my apartment just 30 minutes after me! The delivery charge for me was $5, it depends on where you live and/or how much money you spend. The charge was worth it for me because I would have paid more for a cab ride home with my groceries. Check out their delivery fees here. photo (61)

My groceries arrived neatly packed and I couldn't believe how simple and painless the process was. The only thing I took home with me was my fresh ground almond butter. I was craving an almond butter apple sandwich on Ezekiel bread, and I did not want to wait for that to be delivered!


Two large bags and 1 small bag arrived. The small bag consisted of my frozen items.


I bought 10 ripe vine tomatoes for a tomato soup that I am making (actually right now.) I will post tomorrow and give you the recipe.

An inside scoop into Sweat With Lauren Hefez's grocery bag! AND I call the first food item cabbage about 100X's it is actually cauliflower. WOOPS!