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My breakfast this AM and a Maxi dress worth buying

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Most mornings I have time to make myself breakfast. I love to  sit, relax , drink my tea and update myself on anything that happened in the world while I was sleeping. Not every morning is so glorious. On those mornings I have to grab and go. I can not function on an empty stomach. Here are my go to, on the go, breakfast ideas:

1. I always pair a fruit with a nut. I never do just a fruit.  I like a banana  or apple and a handful of almonds or walnuts.

2. KIND bars!  LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially the  NUTS & SPICES. I grab that along with a banana.

3. While I am getting ready I put a piece of bread in the toaster, spread some nut butter on it, slice some apples and make an on-the-go sandwich.

Quick healthy options right there for you. What is your on the go meal?

Have you tried KIND bars? Which bar is your favorite?!

This past weekend I had two wedding celebrations. I wanted to share this maxi dress with you because it is just AWESOME. If you are looking for a summery fun maxi dress, check this one out! AND its on SALE! :) AND how gorgeous is the bride!!!!

photo (29)
photo (32)

The back is the best part!

My earrings: I searched far and wide for the earrings that I am wearing. I really like the look of BIG earrings but can not wear them. They are usually heavy and I feel like they are pulling my ear lobes off and making my earring hole SO big.  I am always on the look out for BIG but LIGHT earrings! I found some that are great.  Hoop-la!  Their color selection is AWESOME and their airy-ness is the best.  I wore purple ones above, and black ones below.


Stay tuned for your weekly workout! Will post tomorrow  or Friday! Wishing you SWEET SWEAT! XO

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Wedding dress pick up!

Last Thursday I made my final trip to NYC to pick up my wedding dress. I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time.  I worked with the designer who made my dress, and I was so happy that it fit perfectly. The dress is not what I was thinking of getting AT ALL. So different from what I had originally wanted, but I couldn't be more happy While I was on my way to NYC I sent you all a video asking what YOU wanted your next workout to be.


I got a lot of great responses and you guys gave me a lot of ideas for new videos, so thank you!! I decided to do an inner thigh and abs video.




I also need your advice. I do not want to give too much information away but at some point either before or during the wedding I may wear a headpiece. Which one do you like more? Both head pieces are using the same flower, it is just the lace bands that are different styles. I bought the flower on Etsy and the lace in NYC!





Wedding dress designers you haven't heard of and a nice cold treat (scroll to bottom)

goddess dress

goddess dress

This post on wedding dresses seems appropriate because not only have I had requests from readers to do more "wedding stuff" but a few weekends ago I went to NYC and finally gave my dress a GO! It is happening. My wedding dress is being made. And as you can tell from the picture below I get really excited when surrounded by wedding dresses!

photo (45)

photo (45)

An amazing designer/seamstress in NYC is working on the dress that we designed and put together. I found inspiration through many different styles and dresses. Through my dress search I came across certain features and detailing of dresses that I loved.  Most of us have heard of Vera Wang, Jim Hjelm, Oscar de la Renta, and Reem Acra. But below is a list of designers that are not so popular. Many of them are London designers, and I found myself attracted to their styles. Hopefully you can find some inspiration!

Jenny Packham- The beautiful backs to her dresses caught my eye.  Her dresses have amazing bead work and detailing.

Sarah Seven - A designer from the USA! Portland Oregon. Her dresses have frills, layers, and movement. Girly and oh so sweet. I love  her accessories too!

Sarah Janks- Feminine. Beautiful backs. Sexy Elegance.

Temperly London- When I see these dresses I think elegance, sophistication and royalty. Lace and sleeves.

Amanda Wakeley- Light fabrics and not your traditional wedding dress. Her take on the staples dress is my favorite. London Designer. Her style reminds me a bit of Nicole Miller.

Clair Pettibone- Vintage feel. Most of her dresses have texture or lace. Very few are staples.

Penina Tournai- The first designer I fell in love with. Her work is amazing. So intricate and truly pieces of art. These dresses are for the avant guard bride and those with a larger budget! Israeli Designer.

J Crew- Simple. Elegant. And will not break the bank. We often look over J Crew, but they really have some beautiful dresses. Check them out for brides maid dresses too.

Nicole Miller - Simple BUT the little detailing will give you an edge. Most of these dresses are slim fitting. Some of these dresses are perfect for an outside wedding.

What are you favorite dress designers? What is your favorite style of dress?

OH and I made this last night. SO good, SO easy, you SO need to try it!

photo (50)

photo (50)


  • 7-10 FROZEN strawberries
  • 10-15 FROZEN blueberries
  • 1 FROZEN banana
  • Then add about 4-8oz of unsweetened almond milk (you can use coconut milk, rice milk, cows milk, whatever). Decide what consistency you like it and just play with how much milk you add in. Start adding the milk in slowly, because you can always add more. **if you do not have enough milk your blender will get jammed up.


  • add all ingredients together in blender
  • blend
  • add more milk as needed
  • enjoy