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Wedding dress pick up!

Last Thursday I made my final trip to NYC to pick up my wedding dress. I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time.  I worked with the designer who made my dress, and I was so happy that it fit perfectly. The dress is not what I was thinking of getting AT ALL. So different from what I had originally wanted, but I couldn't be more happy While I was on my way to NYC I sent you all a video asking what YOU wanted your next workout to be.


I got a lot of great responses and you guys gave me a lot of ideas for new videos, so thank you!! I decided to do an inner thigh and abs video.




I also need your advice. I do not want to give too much information away but at some point either before or during the wedding I may wear a headpiece. Which one do you like more? Both head pieces are using the same flower, it is just the lace bands that are different styles. I bought the flower on Etsy and the lace in NYC!





Wedding invitations by Lucky Penny Paperie

invitee Most of my wedding invitations have been sent out and some are still on their way. But I am SO excited! It feels far more real now :)

I was searching for an invitation that would go with the "feel" and "theme" of our wedding. I wanted something chic, city, etherial, artsy but elegant  And I found it! I worked closely with Jessica the creator, artist and designer behind Lucky Penny and she was great. She personalized the invitation to make it more of what I wanted, and made little changes that made a HUGE difference. I found her while searching Etsy, and could not be happier. She was patient and went along with my ideas and worked with my budget!

My favorite part of the invitation is the invitation holder. It is a nice shimmery envelope and has a resealable sticker with our names on it and the wedding date! Gives the invitation a nice personal touch.

invite 1

Wedding food tastings are my favorite. We went to about three different caterers, trying many dishes. I worked with the chef  in order to give my vegetarians some awesome food options. I am always excited when the vegetarian option at a wedding or event is NOT pasta. We came up with a filling, healthy and delicious vegetarian option. What better than quinoa and fresh vegetables! SCORE!

invite 3

I will also be working with Jessica to help us create our wedding programs! This is so fun and exciting for me. Has anyone else found their wedding invitations? Where? Did you search online? Any luck on Etsy?