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Review: FeelFitWear Apparel

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It is always obvious to me when workout clothes have the Brazilian flair. Alexa Malzone, an amazing ZUMBA teacher in Boston, wears a lot of athletic apparel that she purchases from a Brazilian company. Her bright colors and crazy prints always make me smile. FeelFitWear has a similar feel and design. FeeFitWear is a a womens active wear online boutique. Veronica, the founder of FeeFitWear, infuses her Brazilian culture in her clothing design. FeelFitWear is manufactured in Brazil.

A couple of months ago I was sent the Camo Capri and All Exercise Tank from FeelFit Wear to test out and review. I was able to pick an outfit to test and at first sight I knew I loved the capris. They are bright and fun. I had a hard time picking a tank top that I liked, so I had Veronica pick one for me. I have a particular style, and their tops are not my style. I usually like to go bold on the bottom and simple on the top. I also felt that some of the tanks were too short, and I tend to wear mine a little longer. The one Veronica sent me was actually a good length!

I decided to review on comfort and support and you can judge the style on your own.

Tank I was sent: All Exercise Tank Top

The All Exercise tank was very comfortable. Felt good on my body. I have a smaller bust size and did not need a bra with the tank. I think if you have a larger bust you would need more support.

Capris I was sent: Camo Capri

With the Camo Capri the support was there! It held me in and I felt good wearing them. As for comfort for the most part it was fine but there is an inside seem that MIGHT bother some people. But overall I was happy.

The thing I loved most about the camo capris was where it hit on my hips. It is a bit lower than most of my capris, but I kind of liked that. It hugged my butt and legs nicely! The capris really felt like they did their job of holding me in.


My next purchase from FeelFitWear?

I really like how this capri has different shades of purple in order to make the pattern.

Super Cute sports bra, I totally want this.

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What do you think about this brand?

Posted on January 7, 2013 and filed under review, fashion.