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Three Watches to Spice Up Your Workout Outfit

The picture above was taken off my computer screen while I was reading an article on good gifts to get a fitness gal. They showed these awesome watches, yet failed to say where you can purchase them! So I did a little investigation asked a couple of people and found three awesome watch brands where you can get fun bright colored watches!

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Three products I am loving this week.

1. Coolest Yoga mats I have yet to come by! I really enjoy pretty things. I enjoy vivid colors and anything that will make someone smile. These mats are just that! Stand out a bit in your next class with these unique prints. These mats are just awesome. Each print is hand painted first and then they are sustainably printed onto non-toxic, phthalate-free, yoga mats.

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Review: Nina B Roze Feminine Active Apparel

Image Around Valentines Day Nina B Roze reached out to me about her Heart Butt Yoga leggings. These leggings have gotten so much press and attention, and I can see why! I'd love to have a heart on my butt :)

Nina's collection is located out of LA and is inspired by the Victorian era, unique details and the modern woman. They make their apparel functional for an athlete and elegant enough to wear out. I looked through their apparel and really fell in love with the style of The Sports Yoga Top that I am wearing below.


The top was a bit funny to get on at first. I bet most people do not have this problem, I just get confused when there is more than one hole (in a shirt!!) Ew, come on guys!

Anyway, It was SUPER cute when it was on. I love the lace cap sleeves and the back, OMG the back. So sexy, and I felt special in it.

Although I am in love with the design and the look I am not so much in love with the material. I am into super soft clothes that feel amazing on my skin. The Sports Yoga Top felt a little like a thick bathing suit (just a little more loose). Sometimes that material is NOT forgiving. Just something to keep in mind. I would still wear this top, but would be selective during which activities I wear it.

I do not doubt that when I wear this to the gym it will get a lot of attention.

Below I asked Nina some questions so that we can get to know a little more about her and her brand. Check it out!

USE PROMO CODE MYHBL20 for 20% off the entire shop! 

What material are your clothes made out of?

  • We use an array of fabrics that compliment the body and keep it cool. For tops we use spandex, poly knits, mesh and open lace that allows your skin to breathe during different activities. Bottoms we chose moisture management fabrics such as dryflex made from polymide that dry quickly on the body.

Why do you think they are good for working out? Or how are they different?

  • The clothes have a great fit and move with the body. Recently, I had a yoga instructor tell me “It feels like I’m wearing nothing”. Which supports the purpose of a better workout. The clothes are unique because they’re versatile. Women will wear our pieces for pilates, barre classes, gym or yoga, while others will wear them wearing errands, lounging around the house and even going out for dinner. The idea is create beautiful pieces that can be worn everywhere!

What inspires you?

  • I love transformation. In my eyes, when I look at a woman, I automatically envision in her something I designed or about to design. My inspiration comes from yoga studios, gym floors and seeing women on the street. I take this essence and collaborate it with Victorian era, unique embellishments and mixing fabrics that allows me to create functional, yet beautiful clothing. I love incorporating feminine details that have an elegant look when you want to go out, yet keeping the construction and functionality for working out.

When and how did you start designing clothes?

  • I have been designing clothes all my life. My official moment of design happened when my parents left me in my room with a needle, fabric and my tiny Barbie at the age of 7. It was that day, I hand-sewed a yellow dress with beaded embellishment at the hem. After that, came many different Barbie outfits of sailors, unique gowns, and party dresses that were all photographed in-front of a backdrop I had painted. My serious approach to design was when I got accepted to Otis College of Art & Design, where I learned the process of designing a garment, a collection, draping and pattern-making, tailoring and so much more. The techniques of design I still use today.

Do you work out? If yes, what is your favorite activity?

  • I love to work out! I think it’s the most incredible thing you can do for your body. I enjoy running, lifting weights and taking Hot power fusion yoga. On occasion I will indulge in a barre class, to remind myself of my teenage years when I was a ballerina.

Thank you Nina B Roze for sharing your beautiful fitness apparel with us! I hope to see more beautiful designs in the future!

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How NOT to use a hot iron hair wand.

This made me laugh, and I wanted to share it with you.


And the video below is a great butt and back workout, using model Elise from Lillybelle Foods. Recognize her from last video?


Yesterday I went to an amazing Pre/ Post Natal workshop. I can not wait to share with you what I learned!! Mommies to be stay tuned!


My first TRX class... with mama Hefez

I have seen the TRX ropes before, and have played around with them, but yesterday I took my first  official TRX class. photo

I love the idea, with any method of exercise, of using my own body weight. I think it is so empowering. TRX does just that. You use your own body weight and challenge yourself as much or as little as you wish. Today I am feeling it. I took a 30 minute class, and that was just perfect. We did 30 seconds of each exercise and did a round of 3 different exercises and then switched it up. I will defiantly try a TRX class again.

What is your favorite "use your own body weight" method of exercise? Yoga? Dance? Pilates?

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Are your triceps feeling jiggly?

photo (11) It always happens. The time between Christmas and New Years where people start to slack at the gym. My class numbers slow down and then BOOM come the New Year the number of students in my classes sky rocket and people are back at it. I myself have been eating more "sweets" than normal, and my workout schedule has been all over the place... so really no schedule. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of my classes have been cancelled due to the holiday and new year.

I just got back from lunch with my mom and future sister in law. I got a salad nicoise, actually one of the best salad nicoise I have ever had. And then we split the masterpiece featured above. We didn't even know where to start! It was huge, so we didn't end up finishing it, but it was good. It was filled with vanilla and raspberry ice cream and some kind of vanilla cakey stuff.  I also had a cup of peppermint tea. YUM.

Here is a video to get you back into the groove. Lets target those triceps, and get rid of the jiggle in time for the new year. On Friday I will be posting a full body workout to get you ready for your New Years little black dress!

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Aruba Circuit workout and a delicious fruit smoothie.

I am back!!! I was in Aruba for a short 4 days and  wanted to film a beach workout for you!  Here is an awesome circuit that will target everything from your arms, abs, legs and inner thighs. This video shows you 1 full circuit, but you will have to do it 5 times through! WOOOO. Enjoy!

While in Aruba I fell in love with some amazing fresh fruit smoothies. I got a mixture of papaya, mango, banana and lime. My friend Christine got papaya, mango, banana  and watermelon.  Brandon got papaya and mango, and my other friend got banana, strawberry and yogurt!

photo (9)

photo (9)

And apparently I am not the only Boston fitness teacher that found this smoothie place. Erica from Erica Bornstein Yoga and Dance loves it too!

photo (10)

photo (10)

All smoothies are blended with ice and act as an amazing refreshing drink. I wish I could make this on my own at home, but I believe I need one of those special blenders. Mine is narrow at the bottom where I noticed that theirs had a wider base, so it could crush the ice and fruit more easily. Anyone have an awesome blender where you do not need any liquid for it to blend? Just ice and fruit.

Inner thigh and Hip slimming video!

I recently became a solow ambassador!! I am a wearing a lovely outfit by them in the video below. I have always been obsessed with their clothes, and now I love that they are branching out and doing more "fitness" type clothing. Comfortable, so flattering, and SO cute with a fun edge! They have the perfect apparel for wearing in and out of the gym!

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bkr, my favorite water bottle and a good holiday gift for your gym-going, eco conscious, water loving friends!

I am known to break glass. Since September I have broken 23 glass cups, but that did not stop me from buying a glass water bottle. I am in LOVE with bkr water bottles. I bought mine at The Sports Club LA/Boston but  I have also seen them at Whole Foods.

Why I love them:

  • made out of glass so its easy to clean and they don't smell
  • are protected by fun colored, 100% recyclable, and non-toxic silicon sleeves
  • perfect size and holds just the right amount of water- 16oz
  • eco friendly

So you are probably wondering if I broke my bkr. And the answer is YES.

I broke it within the first 2 months of owning it. But I had dropped it many times before and it proved to be pretty resilient  The time it broke it was dropped on a non forgiving surface in just the right spot. The good news: If your bkr breaks within the first 90 days you can get a new one! You just have to cover the cost of shipping. Make sure you keep your receipt.

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Steps to a beautiful back

Video 1: pulling your shoulders back

1. Good Posture! What is good posture?  I used to think it was just when you would sit up straight (that is part of it) but the REAL posture comes from pulling your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders away from your ears and back. When you pull your shoulders back, make sure not to stick out your rib cage or your belly. Good posture also comes from pulling your stomach in, engaging your deep abdominal muscles and supporting your low back.  Now I want you to FREEZE and check the placement of your head. It is most likely hanging too far font and putting a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders. Try to stack and lengthen your spine and not let your head fall too far front. Now pull your shoulders down and back and check out video #1.

Video 2: back work on your stomach (soon to be mama's ...I would not do this)

2. This is a GREAT back exercise and routine. It's all about pulling the shoulders back, baby. Do not let them fall front. Think of sliding your shoulder blades down and away from your ears, and then pulling them together.

Video 3: seated rows (make sure you are sitting up tall)

3. Seated rows: AMAZING. You can do this at home, no big machines needed! All you need is a resistance band. Many people focus too much on pulling their elbows back, when the focus should be on your shoulders and shoulder blades.

Video 4: Standing posture workout

4. Standing arm workout! Focus on triceps and back. This workout is a MUST! And you can do it anywhere... even when waiting in line at the grocery store...maybe??!

I am also guilty of bad posture, slouchy shoulders, and just too tired to care.

BUT 90% of the time I am aware, I make that effort, and it has paid off. You can do it too. Set yourself a reminder on your computer or your phone. " Pull your shoulders back" or "posture".  This change will make you taller, appear learner, and will for sure give off that confident and successful vibe.

What is YOUR favorite back exercise? I would love to hear!

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