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bkr, my favorite water bottle and a good holiday gift for your gym-going, eco conscious, water loving friends!

I am known to break glass. Since September I have broken 23 glass cups, but that did not stop me from buying a glass water bottle. I am in LOVE with bkr water bottles. I bought mine at The Sports Club LA/Boston but  I have also seen them at Whole Foods.

Why I love them:

  • made out of glass so its easy to clean and they don't smell
  • are protected by fun colored, 100% recyclable, and non-toxic silicon sleeves
  • perfect size and holds just the right amount of water- 16oz
  • eco friendly

So you are probably wondering if I broke my bkr. And the answer is YES.

I broke it within the first 2 months of owning it. But I had dropped it many times before and it proved to be pretty resilient  The time it broke it was dropped on a non forgiving surface in just the right spot. The good news: If your bkr breaks within the first 90 days you can get a new one! You just have to cover the cost of shipping. Make sure you keep your receipt.

Posted on November 26, 2012 and filed under fashion.