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Wedding shower time

Image This past weekend was my wedding shower! I did not have an engagement party, so this was the first official wedding festivity that we had. WOW. It was overwhelming to have a room full of 60 women there for me, but I felt SO lucky to have so much love all at one time.

I was VERY excited about a couple of gifts but one in particular was our Breville Juicer.


I have been wanting a juicer for quite a while and thought putting it on our registry would be the perfect idea. We registered our juicer on  Amazon.

I asked followers on instagram and facebook for juicing recipes. Here are a few:

  •  celery, apple, lime, ginger
  • celery, cucumber, ginger, apple, lemon, kale, spinach
  • Spinach, carrots, ginger,apple
  • carrots, beet, pineapple, orange, kale, watercress
  • apple or pear, cucumber, parsley, 2 types of kale, romaine, mint

What is your favorite juice combo?

Here is a snap of me filling my plate with some yummy food.Image I first served myself a 1/4 of a bagel and cream cheese,salad and some steamed veggies. And then I had a waffle, cake, and a half a chocolate chip muffin... whoops! YAY for getting married in two months!

OH for all you future brides, one piece of advice: I was going to wear a cute mini dress BUT my friend steered me in another direction. She said you can still be cute but be comfy. Opening gifts can get crazy and you want to be able to move around and not worry too much about the way your are sitting!


Above is my mom me and my grandmother!

My outfit:

I went with some wide leg pants (looks like a skirt) from Zara (found them in Portugal ), paired with the Victoria Secret Ballet Tee and a neon green scarf from the Gap. And of course my NEON TIEKS! The Victoria top was SO comfy and cute. I did not wear a bra with it, instead I wore these from Gap Body. They stick to your chest! Image

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday. XO

Homemade Green Juice. NO fancy juicer needed!



I was on a mission to make myself a green juice. I do not have a juicer, but that did not stop me. And should not stop you either. Here is an easy way to make a green juice. You will need:

  • blender
  • jelly strainer (I got mine at ACE hardware)


  • 4spinach ice cubes
  • 2 carrots chopped
  • whole stalk of romaine lettuce
  • 4 leafs of kale
  • 1/2 a green apple
  • 1/2 of lime squeezed
  • 1/4 inch of ginger
  • 1 Cup water



  • add water, spinach ice cubes and blend
  • add romaine lettuce and apples and blend
  • Squeeze lemon juice and add kale. If you feel you need more water to help you mix ingredients, add more :)
  • Lastly add the remainder of your ingredients, carrots, and ginger.

*TIP* Add ingredients in slowly. If you over stuff your blender it will not mix.

Blend until it is a puree.



Wash your jelly strainer with soap and water. Rinse well. Drape it over a big glass and pour your green mixture. Squeeze the jelly strainer to help reveal your beautiful green juice into your glass.



The jelly strainer will catch all of the fiber and ruffage from the vegetables and fruit and just give you the straight juices.

*TIP* I found that if i filled the jelly strainer too much it was hard to squeeze and made a mess. In order to prevent this you can squeeze the jelly strainer over a big bowl and then transfer to a glass cup.





I like my juice COLD. So add some spinach ice cubes, or regular ice cubes to your juice to make it cold. Or stick it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. You want to drink the juice as soon as possible, while the juice is at its maximum nutrient level.

What is your favorite green juice mixture? Let me know if you try this jelly strainer trick!

My adventure with Green Drinks

I can remember, at least 15 years ago, when my dad bought his first juicer and would juice everything! He would make straight up carrot juice and try to make my brother and I drink it. We REALLY did not like it. What 12 year old would?? And now, it is the biggest trend. A couple of months ago I tried my frist official green juice at SCLA Boston, and thought it was made with WAY too much ginger. I tried to force myself to take it down, but just couldn't. I later tried a juice from a local store near my apartment, and really liked it. It was made from kale,celery, apple, pear and carrots. Whenever I am at Whole foods I always see the "BluePrint drinks. I am usually hesitant to buy them because of the cost, $10!



But today, I bought one... and I LOVE IT! It is very earthy and has a hint of lemon at the end. I truly enjoy the taste but can see how some people might not be able to take it down. I think it helps when the juice is realllllly COLD!

I am not a fan of drinking juices as a substitution for meals. I think grabbing a juice as a snack, or pick me up is fine. Or even alongside a piece of almond butter and toast for breakfast. The green BluePrint drink has only 130 calories. NOT enough for a meal, well for me at least. I plan to add more juices into my diet, but more as a morning addition or midday pick me up, rather than as a meal substitution.

On my wish list is a juicer, but I have been banned from buying any more gadgets at the moment... there is NO room in my apartment for anything! SO I will have to wait, OR just keep buying crazy expensive drinks!?

What is your favorite green juice mixture? Do you have a juicer? Which one?

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