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Best food combinations & my new online studio!

We know what to eat. We know what is good for us. But eating certain foods together can benefit us that much more. Here are a few foods that compliment each other when eaten together.

  • Broccoli and mustard. After cooking vegetables they lose a bit of their nutrients.  Next time you cook broccoli add some mustard to it! The mustard contains an enzyme that is destroyed during the cooking process.
  • Turmeric and salmon. My mom always told me to season things with turmeric due to its many health benefits, but now I know what to pair it with...salmon!
  • Grilled steak and brussels sprouts.
  • Tomato and olive oil or tomato and avocado. Does not seem too crazy or odd, but may help your body absorb more lycopene. Lycopene (found in tomatoes and other red foods, think grapefruit and guava) protect your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Beans and greens (or any food high in vitamin C like spinach and oranges) - for better iron absorption.

If you are interested in learning more behind the science of these food parings check out the sources below (also my inspiration for this blog):



AND I am also super excited to announce that I will be starting an online studio! What does this mean for you? YOU can take class WITH ME, anywhere around the world... LIVE!  Check my out my schedule, and see what times and days work for you- sign up and BAM its done!  If you have any time/day requests I would love to hear them.

My first class is tomorrow at 6:45-7:15am (eastern time). It is going to be a good introduction to this new online class thing. A 30 minute quick and effective mat work out. Wake up, get on your mat, and get on with your life! See you tomorrow morning on the mat and on the inter-web!! All you need is a camera (that most computers have built in already) or a webcam. It is super easy and fool-proof!

If you have any Q's do not hesitate to email me or comment below!

Check out my studio and sign up here.

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