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Bar III and my LOUD voice

I had time yesterday between a client and class so I thought I would do a little shopping...whoops! I went in to Macy's for the first time in a long time and came across a brand called Bar III. Has anyone ever heard of this? I found such cute stuff, and just my luck they were having crazy sales! I really love Bar III's clothes and am so excited to have discovered them.

Here is a top I got. French Row Top. SO SO SO soft. I got one for my mom too! It's on SALE!


I wanted to share Bare III with you because some of their stuff is super comfy, things I can totally picture myself going to class in! And I am always on the lookout for cute clothes than can be worn in the studio and out. They have fun dresses too!

Some "cute for studio" and also for street tops:

Slub knit

Long sleeve striped ruched Might need to get that one!

High low

baseball Tee

And how awesome is this top!

Also I wanted to talk about the fact that I know I have a SUPER loud voice. Even when I try to whisper it comes out as a yell.  People have commented on my YouTube videos that my voice is too loud:

"Too LOUD !!!!PLEASE DONT SCREAM ! such a good girl and nice things,dont spoil! Thank you !"

"You are WAY too loud and hyper though I do love the content."

Even though I find the comments funny, I do have to agree. I have to turn the volume down when I watch my own videos. I can not help my "hyperness" or my crazy energy, but I think I can help the volume of my videos. I am going to look in to a wireless microphone and I hope that will make the difference.

Without a Wireless Mic: [youtube]

With a Wireless Mic: [youtube]

Posted on February 15, 2013 and filed under fashion, fitness.