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Reebok Headquarters Cardio Dance Fusion Class

Yesterday I made my way to the Reebok Headquarters to lead the HR team through a cardio dance fusion class for their annual meeting. The class was held in the Crossfit gym where we had a great sound system and ample room to move around. I was so pleased with the group! They were awesome and totally rocked it. They laughed and sweat the whole time and were the perfect display of what I wish for in a dance class. Laid back fun people who love to sweat!

Whenever I go to the Reebok headquarters I always make sure I have time to shop! I bought some cool studded sneakers called "Princess" from the Alicia Keys line.

What do you think?? Today I am off to NYC with my mom for a dress fitting!!

Oh and check out these ones too! I saw my Equinox boss wearing them a few days ago. They are so fun... Alicia Keys as well.

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Neon for Spring/Summer

I love bright colors. And neon takes bright to a whole new level. If you look at my wardrobe it is mostly black, but I love to accessorize with the some brights.  Here are some ways to brighten up your wardrobe! NEON Hanky Panky:

My favorite underwear. One Size fits all. I don't know how they do it but it works! You need to get at least ONE pair just to feel how amazing it is. (I was going to model these for my blogs sake...JUST KIDDING!!!)

Pink Pants:

Picture this: I am on my way to teach a 6:15am class and as I am walking I am thinking in my head about my next blog and how it is going to be all about neon. Then within seconds, in the distance, I see neon pink pants walking toward me. I stop this girl literally in the middle of the street and snapped her photo! She was kind and had a sweet English (?) accent. I might have caught her during her walk of shame... woops!

BODY ROCK sports bra: The Ruby Bra

One of my fave bras by body rock. Supportive, NEON PINK, bling, and a little lace. HOLLA.


Fun and light weight. You get the brights in the laces and at the base of the shoes!

And my most recent NEON item, and one of my faves....TIEKS! UMM yes! IN NEON! They come in all colors from neon yellow, pink, orange and GREEN! Check them out here!

Do you have a favorite neon item?

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