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Running Technique and GORE-TEX photo shoot

I do not consider myself a runner. This past Monday and Tuesday I got booked to do a photo shoot for GORE-TEX in Rhode Island. When I talked to the photographer on the phone I asked "So, we are going to be getting some running shots?" he said "We are going to be getting ALL running shots". I have never done a shoot that was ALL running, so I was not sure how my body would respond.

Let's just say I am SO SORE. It is all in my calfs and my tibialis anterior (shins). It is not shin splints, it  just feels like tight muscles. I have been massaging myself and foam rolling,

We did some regular street running,


and we also did trail running.


The shoot was really focused on GORE shoes; Nike, Sauconmy, and Brooks. We got shots of wet, cold/dry and snowy terrain. (We had to spray down the deck to make it look wet, it was actually a beautiful sunny day!)

photo (100)

The snow was made from huge spools of cotton and then sprayed with water. People walking by thought it was real.


I also had to run though some watery mud with my Nike shoes to show how the GORE trail Nike shoes can really manage the outdoor elements.

This shoot made me really think about my running form, where I was landing and how I was holding my body. I started the shoot heel striking, which is fine and actually gets a great angle of the shoe for the camera. And then we switched to landing more on the mid area of my food. I had to really THINK about doing this as it did not come naturally. But as the shoot went on and by the second day it felt much easier!

Watch this short video on running form.

The photographer on the set,Trevor Brown, was really amazing. He knew how to catch my stride at the right time and he got really amazing shots. He never settled for "good". I also met one of the founders of "The Most Informal Running Club Ever", Alex. He was the male running model on the shoot! I learned about his running club and it seems awesome. So if you live in Boston, you have to check it out!

The pictures above were taken from iPhones. I will share the real picture when they come!

How is your running form? Do you have any advice? How do you land?

Reebok Headquarters Cardio Dance Fusion Class

Yesterday I made my way to the Reebok Headquarters to lead the HR team through a cardio dance fusion class for their annual meeting. The class was held in the Crossfit gym where we had a great sound system and ample room to move around. I was so pleased with the group! They were awesome and totally rocked it. They laughed and sweat the whole time and were the perfect display of what I wish for in a dance class. Laid back fun people who love to sweat!

Whenever I go to the Reebok headquarters I always make sure I have time to shop! I bought some cool studded sneakers called "Princess" from the Alicia Keys line.

What do you think?? Today I am off to NYC with my mom for a dress fitting!!

Oh and check out these ones too! I saw my Equinox boss wearing them a few days ago. They are so fun... Alicia Keys as well.

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