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Blockbuster Body™

Have you ever dreamed of being a super hero? Well, I was this weekend. In fact, I was surrounded by about 20 other superheros.  For an hour, I was transformed into Cat Woman. I did not save any lives, but I definitely improved my own! I found myself running, crawling, kicking, jumping and leaping at Equinox Back Bay's studio.

The release of their class Blockbuster Body™ was being covered by The Boston Globe, so the class made sure to be on their A-game just incase a picture was being snapped. I was drenched! My body was  energized the whole time. The class was taught by the dynamic team of Kristy Discipeio and Maryanne Blake. The music really made me feel like I was IN a movie. Even the slightest head isolations, high leg kicks, and fast leaping across the floor made me forget that I was in a class, and really helped me gear in to my inner super hero!

What you can be expecting from class:

  • "An exciting total body cardio conditioning class that combines the principle of cross discipline training and integrated movement.
  • Train like an actor preparing for a blockbuster movie role. 
  • Develop functional mobility, speed and agility, cardiovascular endurance, usable and powerful strength, upper body weight-bearing conditioning and core stability.
  • Bring the fun and flare of unique conditioning modalities and themes from current and past action film into one compelling total body workout without any additional equipment."

And this morning I woke up sore in my triceps, glutes and lats. A challenging class, using only body weight and a little childhood creativity. A must try! An Equinox member? Check out the schedule for times!

Posted on August 6, 2011 and filed under fitness.