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A workout for a bummed leg or foot

I rolled my ankle last night during my dance cardio class. It happened in the first 10 minutes of class and somehow I was able to finish teaching. Everyone in the class saw it happen, so they were all supportive. All class I felt like I was doing the sprain dance, like Lisa Turtle. I even saw some students in class hopping on one leg like me.



It is annoying to have an injury but you can still find ways to work out. Like this person:


I sprained my ankle once in college while in dance practice. I was out for about 2 weeks. I swam every day to keep myself in shape. So if you have a bummed leg or foot try this workout. It will focus on your pecs (armpits), abs and your back! 





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One of my favorite gift registry items

I always thought gift registries were weird  You tell people what you want them to get you and then you have to act surprised when you open the gift at your shower. I was/am so thankful for all the wonderful gifts and generosity my friends and family showed during my wedding shower. I did not think this would happen, but I actually DID get excited about the gifts I was opening, even though I knew I registered for them. This was one of my favorites.

ImageI love the way the berries look in the ceramic colander, and it makes it so much easier to wash the berries and store them in the fridge. I also snack right out of the colander! So easy, cheap, and a great gift item. Highly recommended!

I finally got back on the YouTube video train. I was off for about a week because of Boston events that distracted me greatly. BUT back on track, and I made this awesome butt video for you :)  



I will also be doing another bride arms video next week. You will need to get an elastic workout band. If you don't have one get one. It will be worth it! I would recommend getting the black.  You can also check your local sports store, or marshals.

Enjoy the beautiful sun and wear your SPF! 

What is your favorite gift ever? I want to hear!!!

Wedding dress pick up!

Last Thursday I made my final trip to NYC to pick up my wedding dress. I was so nervous but so excited all at the same time.  I worked with the designer who made my dress, and I was so happy that it fit perfectly. The dress is not what I was thinking of getting AT ALL. So different from what I had originally wanted, but I couldn't be more happy While I was on my way to NYC I sent you all a video asking what YOU wanted your next workout to be.


I got a lot of great responses and you guys gave me a lot of ideas for new videos, so thank you!! I decided to do an inner thigh and abs video.




I also need your advice. I do not want to give too much information away but at some point either before or during the wedding I may wear a headpiece. Which one do you like more? Both head pieces are using the same flower, it is just the lace bands that are different styles. I bought the flower on Etsy and the lace in NYC!





Under 15 minute interval detox!

Happy Friday! In honor of spring I decided to do a DETOX video. This will get you sweaty and help you start fresh for spring! [youtube]

Elise from Lillybelle Foods came over to film and we actually ended up doing the workout TWICE because half way through the first time the memory card become "full", and we didn't realize that it had stopped recording!  (hence why we look so flustered!)

photo (78)

This is one huge reason why I wish I had a camera pro with me all the time!! Then I would not have to worry about recording and producing, just do the fun stuff like working out, sharing cool recipes with you and doing awesome product reviews. I am not the best when it comes to video, so this is not the first time something like this has happened. But I guess it just gives me a double workout...right?!

photo (79)

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Elise: lillybelle foods

Try the workout and let me know how it goes. It is a good one!!

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Review: Nina B Roze Feminine Active Apparel

Image Around Valentines Day Nina B Roze reached out to me about her Heart Butt Yoga leggings. These leggings have gotten so much press and attention, and I can see why! I'd love to have a heart on my butt :)

Nina's collection is located out of LA and is inspired by the Victorian era, unique details and the modern woman. They make their apparel functional for an athlete and elegant enough to wear out. I looked through their apparel and really fell in love with the style of The Sports Yoga Top that I am wearing below.


The top was a bit funny to get on at first. I bet most people do not have this problem, I just get confused when there is more than one hole (in a shirt!!) Ew, come on guys!

Anyway, It was SUPER cute when it was on. I love the lace cap sleeves and the back, OMG the back. So sexy, and I felt special in it.

Although I am in love with the design and the look I am not so much in love with the material. I am into super soft clothes that feel amazing on my skin. The Sports Yoga Top felt a little like a thick bathing suit (just a little more loose). Sometimes that material is NOT forgiving. Just something to keep in mind. I would still wear this top, but would be selective during which activities I wear it.

I do not doubt that when I wear this to the gym it will get a lot of attention.

Below I asked Nina some questions so that we can get to know a little more about her and her brand. Check it out!

USE PROMO CODE MYHBL20 for 20% off the entire shop! 

What material are your clothes made out of?

  • We use an array of fabrics that compliment the body and keep it cool. For tops we use spandex, poly knits, mesh and open lace that allows your skin to breathe during different activities. Bottoms we chose moisture management fabrics such as dryflex made from polymide that dry quickly on the body.

Why do you think they are good for working out? Or how are they different?

  • The clothes have a great fit and move with the body. Recently, I had a yoga instructor tell me “It feels like I’m wearing nothing”. Which supports the purpose of a better workout. The clothes are unique because they’re versatile. Women will wear our pieces for pilates, barre classes, gym or yoga, while others will wear them wearing errands, lounging around the house and even going out for dinner. The idea is create beautiful pieces that can be worn everywhere!

What inspires you?

  • I love transformation. In my eyes, when I look at a woman, I automatically envision in her something I designed or about to design. My inspiration comes from yoga studios, gym floors and seeing women on the street. I take this essence and collaborate it with Victorian era, unique embellishments and mixing fabrics that allows me to create functional, yet beautiful clothing. I love incorporating feminine details that have an elegant look when you want to go out, yet keeping the construction and functionality for working out.

When and how did you start designing clothes?

  • I have been designing clothes all my life. My official moment of design happened when my parents left me in my room with a needle, fabric and my tiny Barbie at the age of 7. It was that day, I hand-sewed a yellow dress with beaded embellishment at the hem. After that, came many different Barbie outfits of sailors, unique gowns, and party dresses that were all photographed in-front of a backdrop I had painted. My serious approach to design was when I got accepted to Otis College of Art & Design, where I learned the process of designing a garment, a collection, draping and pattern-making, tailoring and so much more. The techniques of design I still use today.

Do you work out? If yes, what is your favorite activity?

  • I love to work out! I think it’s the most incredible thing you can do for your body. I enjoy running, lifting weights and taking Hot power fusion yoga. On occasion I will indulge in a barre class, to remind myself of my teenage years when I was a ballerina.

Thank you Nina B Roze for sharing your beautiful fitness apparel with us! I hope to see more beautiful designs in the future!

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How NOT to use a hot iron hair wand.

This made me laugh, and I wanted to share it with you.


And the video below is a great butt and back workout, using model Elise from Lillybelle Foods. Recognize her from last video?


Yesterday I went to an amazing Pre/ Post Natal workshop. I can not wait to share with you what I learned!! Mommies to be stay tuned!


Aruba Circuit workout and a delicious fruit smoothie.

I am back!!! I was in Aruba for a short 4 days and  wanted to film a beach workout for you!  Here is an awesome circuit that will target everything from your arms, abs, legs and inner thighs. This video shows you 1 full circuit, but you will have to do it 5 times through! WOOOO. Enjoy!

While in Aruba I fell in love with some amazing fresh fruit smoothies. I got a mixture of papaya, mango, banana and lime. My friend Christine got papaya, mango, banana  and watermelon.  Brandon got papaya and mango, and my other friend got banana, strawberry and yogurt!

photo (9)

photo (9)

And apparently I am not the only Boston fitness teacher that found this smoothie place. Erica from Erica Bornstein Yoga and Dance loves it too!

photo (10)

photo (10)

All smoothies are blended with ice and act as an amazing refreshing drink. I wish I could make this on my own at home, but I believe I need one of those special blenders. Mine is narrow at the bottom where I noticed that theirs had a wider base, so it could crush the ice and fruit more easily. Anyone have an awesome blender where you do not need any liquid for it to blend? Just ice and fruit.

Best Arm Workout, Part II Do it! Love it! And embrace it! I LOVE these kind of arm workouts. Awesome music, no need for weights, and your arms get a kick ass workout!  I recorded my first "Best Arm workout" last year and it was was a huge hit, so I thought I would bring you another one! Enjoy. And lets get those SEXY arms!


Here was the 1st arm series: (haha I just noticed I am wearing the SAME tank top in both videos! Looks like it will have to become my signature "Best Arm Series" tank!

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Full Body Chair workout!

Hello All!! Below is a GREAT workout using a chair. I really loved it, and think my next video might be a full length chair workout! What do you think? That way you can follow along with me! [youtube]

Some FUN news....I just entered into "The Face OF Fitness" photo contest for a chance to be on the cover of FITNESS MAGAZINE! How cool would that be? (If I was on the cover I PROMISE I'D SMILE!!!) This endeavor seamed right along my path considering I love fitness, I love inspiring, and I would love to be on the cover of this magazine. To be honest, I would be happy even with being on the inside pages of Fitness Magazine. I always wanted to be one of those fitness magazine models that demonstrates the exercise step by step... know what I mean?

This is where YOU come in... I need YOUR HELP! If I inspire you, if you enjoy my workouts and my blog and think I would be a good fit to be on Fitness Magazines cover then I would LOVE your VOTE. You can vote EVERY DAY until the 14th of this month, Sunday at midnight. After a couple of rounds of voting there will be 5 finalists. ONE of the FIVE finalists will be chosen by the readers... AKA readers choice... AKA chosen by YOU.  The Grand prize winner and the person who will be on the cover of Fitness is chosen by a panel of judges.

Q. How is the winner chosen?

The Grand Prize Winner is selected by a panel of judges from a group of five finalists. She will be selected based on her overall fit and healthy appearance in her photo(s), personality of entrant as expressed through the photos, quality of the photos, and quality of her essay. One of the finalists comes from the weekly Reader's Choice voting. See Official Rules for more details.

THANK YOU for your love and for inspiring ME. XO... now go VOTE!

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