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The best baby.... food

"Hey! I am Mason. I am ready to eat!"

I do NOT have a baby. But above is my friends baby, Mason.  She is also a trainer and into healthy living so it is only natural for her to give her child the best and the most clean food she can. She told me how her little man is starting to eat real food, and she is making it from scratch. Not only is it healthier but it actually SAVES money!

I recently bought her a  Solids Started Kit. This kit is a BPA free ice-cube like tray. After making her puree of whatever vegetable or fruit she desires she places the puree in the kit and freezes. She said the frozen items last up to 3 months! I assume she transfers the frozen food cubes into a plastic bag of some type to free up the starter kit so she can freeze more. GO PATS!

I asked her last night about what she was making. One tray of zucchini and one tray of sweet potato (both from her moms garden)! Here is her set up all ready to go!

      After steaming her zucchini (and baking her sweet potato)

she put the zucchini into her blender (or food processor) and mixed it to a puree.

Into the trays they go!

The trays make food easy to portion out, freeze, and pop out when ready.

Even if you do not have kids, what can you take from this post? Mason could be one of the cutest babies and these BPA free trays work as a great gift item for your friends or family members who do have kids!  :)

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