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My Favorite Way To Start The Day

I know that we are all busy with work and just life in general and the few days we may have "off" usually do not include YOU time. Your day off may mean meeting up with friends, doing laundry, seeing family, picking up your dry cleaning, cleaning out your fridge where you may possibly find month-old almond milk (I am not judging) ... and the list goes on.

However long our lists, I always think that making time for YOURSELF is super important, even if it is just 10 minutes. My favorite way to start my day is to take an awesome walk. This time allows me to plan out my day, take in some air, and get my blood flowing. I also do not mind if Camera Man joins along :)  

How to start your "day off" off right: 

TIP 1. Put on real clothes when you wake up. I find that the faster I get out of my pj's the more productive I am. In the images below I documented one of my morning walks. I am wearing a fabulous outfit Athleta sent me. 

Exertion Bralette: This Bralette is super cute. I just love it. I am wearing it in this KILLER ABS video:

It holds me well and gives the girls a little lift, who doesn't love that?! It is simple to match due to the black and white color and the criss cross feature in the back is my favorite. 

Tropic Aliso Pant: These pants are awesome! I wore them to class one day and got plenty of compliments. They are light, breezy, and have POCKETS! Great for walks since no purse is needed. You can stick everything in your pant pockets!

Above: Later, after my breakfast and some errands, I took a class at a studio near my home. I love taking other peoples classes. Other teachers inspire me, and even if I learn just one new thing it is worth it! 

Mesh Pullover:  I wear this pullover maybe too much! It is so easy to dress up or down and it is great for a chilly day in the warmer months.

TIP 2. Walk to your center (if you live in a city or in a town with a walkable center) OR find a park or a bike path that you can drive to. You can even take a skip around your neighborhood; it does not have to be a crazy fancy walk or have greenery for it to be effective.

I started my walk on a bike path and ended up in Davis Square. I was parched so I stopped along the way to grab an iced coffee at Diesel cafe.

I love cinnamon in my iced coffee and if I am feeling really crazy I'll add in some cocoa and vanilla. WHAT? Try it.

TIP 3. Your walk does not have to be long. Take 10 minutes you will feel great! (however, I am NOT opposed to long walks)

TIP 4. When you get back home have a super breakfast, green juice, smoothie or anything that will continue to energize you for your day.

After my walk I made myself eggs with turmeric and pepper, toast with almond butter, sliced cucumbers, and an arugula salad with EVOO and lime juice. 

BAM. Carpe diem. 

Do you try to get walks in during the week or on the weekends? Where is your favorite place to walk? How else do you make YOU time?

This post was sponsored by Athleta through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Athleta, all opinions are my own.

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When I was approached by Live Love Dream they described their new clothing line as "... a fashion forward approach to active and lounge wear. Launching July 7th online and in store’s, this collection will complete your lifestyle in every way! From skinny sweats to active capris, shorts with spandex underlay and an amazing anorak, Live Love Dream is perfect for the gym, running errands, and hanging out with friends in style."

Could it sound more perfect?! As you have probably heard me say before, and I am sure a lot of people agree, it is the best when you can wear your gym clothes out and not feel like a total slob!

After a little more research into LLD I realized that they are an Aeropostale branch. I was hesitant and actually felt too "old" to be wearing Aeropostale.  But I gave LLD a shot, and I am glad I did so that I can share it with all of you!

I looked through their site and I got:

inset active capris


I opted for a gray color because I have so much black.The fit was fine. Not as flattering as some of my other capris, but it works! It held me in and felt good all through my 45 minute cardio dance class. The length of the carpi was perfect and I did not have to keep pulling them up or down like I have done with some other carpis. They also have a cute zipper pocket function in the back.

Compared to other fitness apparel brands these capris are very reasonable in price. However I fond them to be just average with quality, make and material. The seams in some places were not neat.


But it fits right, and looks fine. No one will be touching your pants other than you. So if you are cool with your fitness apparel not being above average then go for it.

I would not buy all my capris from LLD but If I found something super cute and funky (like these floral capris!!!!!) then I would spend the $25. I actually really love these and will get them now :)

cross-back sports bra


I got a medium in the sports bra, and I am thinking maybe I should have gotten a small? I did not feel much support under my boobs and there was a large space between my rib cage and the bra. But other than that the material felt good and the over all bra was comfortable. There is only one ply of material, when my other sports bras have two. Just an observation and I am not sure if it makes that much of a difference.

The cross back feature is cute and makes the bra more interesting. It is on sale for $15.00! You can't go wrong.

Two longs sleeve color block shirts (I can no longer find online!)


*I am wearing the LLD capris in the photo above

I am sad I can no longer find these because they were my favorite item from LLD! I have seriously been living in them! I got them on sale for $7 (each)!! They are comfy and super perfect for before the gym, after the gym, and anywhere you go in between! I am so glad I got 2 colors! Bring it back LIVE LOVE DREAM! Will you?

LLD also gave me this bag that I have to say I have been using EVERYDAY! I love it. It is perfect for my errands around the city and/or trips to the gym.

While looking through the LIVE LOVE DREAM site I do see some cute stuff that I would not mind getting because the price point is right. In this case, you get what you pay for. The quality will not be as good as some other brands, but I think LIVE LOVE DREAM works. It is functional, and has some cute patterns. One thing I am not a huge fan of is logos and some of their lounge apparel is full of logos so that limits things for me.

Overall, if you are looking for fitness function apparel check out LIVE LOVE DREAM. They have a very reasonable price point and I think some of their stuff is really cute, and not everyone wants to spend $80-$100 on yoga pants!

Thank you LLD for making budget friendly, functional, fitness apparel for the active and fashion aware girl.

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Product review: yurbuds

photo (101)
photo (101)

The weather is getting warmer and people are starting to take their runs outside. About a month ago I put yurbuds to the test. They claim to be the best earphones and to never fall our of your ears, no matter how sweaty you get.

I have to agree... they rock!


Do you plan on running outside this summer? Do you listen to music when you run?

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Review: FeelFitWear Apparel

feel fit wear photo (57)

It is always obvious to me when workout clothes have the Brazilian flair. Alexa Malzone, an amazing ZUMBA teacher in Boston, wears a lot of athletic apparel that she purchases from a Brazilian company. Her bright colors and crazy prints always make me smile. FeelFitWear has a similar feel and design. FeeFitWear is a a womens active wear online boutique. Veronica, the founder of FeeFitWear, infuses her Brazilian culture in her clothing design. FeelFitWear is manufactured in Brazil.

A couple of months ago I was sent the Camo Capri and All Exercise Tank from FeelFit Wear to test out and review. I was able to pick an outfit to test and at first sight I knew I loved the capris. They are bright and fun. I had a hard time picking a tank top that I liked, so I had Veronica pick one for me. I have a particular style, and their tops are not my style. I usually like to go bold on the bottom and simple on the top. I also felt that some of the tanks were too short, and I tend to wear mine a little longer. The one Veronica sent me was actually a good length!

I decided to review on comfort and support and you can judge the style on your own.

Tank I was sent: All Exercise Tank Top

The All Exercise tank was very comfortable. Felt good on my body. I have a smaller bust size and did not need a bra with the tank. I think if you have a larger bust you would need more support.

Capris I was sent: Camo Capri

With the Camo Capri the support was there! It held me in and I felt good wearing them. As for comfort for the most part it was fine but there is an inside seem that MIGHT bother some people. But overall I was happy.

The thing I loved most about the camo capris was where it hit on my hips. It is a bit lower than most of my capris, but I kind of liked that. It hugged my butt and legs nicely! The capris really felt like they did their job of holding me in.


My next purchase from FeelFitWear?

I really like how this capri has different shades of purple in order to make the pattern.

Super Cute sports bra, I totally want this.

Check out FeelFitWear





What do you think about this brand?

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