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Nutella and banana crepes

YUM! Walking the streets of Paris you are bound to come across freshly made crepes. They are the best! Check out the video to see our nutella and banana crepe being made.


I have never tried a savory crepe, have you?

Here is our man in action.

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Bonjour, from Paris!

Before I left for Paris, many people told me to indulge, enjoy, and not worry about calories. This is easier said than done, but let me tell you.. today it was DONE! For breakfast my camera man and I took a stroll to find some fresh baked baguettes. We came across a cute bakery and bought "une baguette, et une croissant...merci!" We then walked across the street to a cheese shop. It was stinky...really stinky. But we sucked it up and randomly ordered from the many cheeses. We went back to our apartment and together ate the baguette and cheese, it was delicious!! The baguette was still a bit warm. I can not remember the last time I ate bread like that, but it was wonderful. OK... so maybe I did add some fresh sliced tomatoes to our breakfast!

The day continued and we walked ALOT! Check out our route here... 8.5 miles, not counting running in and out of stores!

We met up with my mom's best friend's niece, she lives right outside Paris. She was the cutest thing ever. LOVED her, and I think we would be great friends if she lived closer. We went to a cafe, and I ordered my salad with "vinaigrette sur le côté". She smiled and said she doesn't know anyone that does that. I was surprised since I always get dressing on the side, and this is a simple thing I always try to tell people as an easy way to "save a few calories". This is actually the one phrase in french I made sure to learn! My food came, and my dressing was NOT on the side. Normally I would have sent it back, but today I embraced it. The difference being, it was NOT a creamy dressing, and my salad was NOT drenched.

We obviously had dessert..nutulla and banana crepes! Split three ways.

C'est finit!

Looking forward to day 2. I plan to wake up a little early to do some strength exercises. I brought a band and some velcro hand weights. Thanks Kerri!. Have you ever been to Paris? What is your favorite thing to eat here?

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