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Mango, Lime, Chili, Sea Salt Salad

YUM! In this mango salad you will find sweet, salty, tangy and hot flavors that all come together to make an awesome experience in your mouth! A must try for the summer.


  • 2 mangos
  • Juice of 1 lime and some zest
  • 1-2 tsp red chili pepper flakes (more or less if desired)
  • Sea Salt (Pink Salt if you have)


  • Cut mango into cubes
  • squeeze lime juice
  • add in salt, chili pepper flakes and mix everything
  • cover and let it sit in fridge for at least 20 minutes before serving



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When I was approached by Live Love Dream they described their new clothing line as "... a fashion forward approach to active and lounge wear. Launching July 7th online and in store’s, this collection will complete your lifestyle in every way! From skinny sweats to active capris, shorts with spandex underlay and an amazing anorak, Live Love Dream is perfect for the gym, running errands, and hanging out with friends in style."

Could it sound more perfect?! As you have probably heard me say before, and I am sure a lot of people agree, it is the best when you can wear your gym clothes out and not feel like a total slob!

After a little more research into LLD I realized that they are an Aeropostale branch. I was hesitant and actually felt too "old" to be wearing Aeropostale.  But I gave LLD a shot, and I am glad I did so that I can share it with all of you!

I looked through their site and I got:

inset active capris


I opted for a gray color because I have so much black.The fit was fine. Not as flattering as some of my other capris, but it works! It held me in and felt good all through my 45 minute cardio dance class. The length of the carpi was perfect and I did not have to keep pulling them up or down like I have done with some other carpis. They also have a cute zipper pocket function in the back.

Compared to other fitness apparel brands these capris are very reasonable in price. However I fond them to be just average with quality, make and material. The seams in some places were not neat.


But it fits right, and looks fine. No one will be touching your pants other than you. So if you are cool with your fitness apparel not being above average then go for it.

I would not buy all my capris from LLD but If I found something super cute and funky (like these floral capris!!!!!) then I would spend the $25. I actually really love these and will get them now :)

cross-back sports bra


I got a medium in the sports bra, and I am thinking maybe I should have gotten a small? I did not feel much support under my boobs and there was a large space between my rib cage and the bra. But other than that the material felt good and the over all bra was comfortable. There is only one ply of material, when my other sports bras have two. Just an observation and I am not sure if it makes that much of a difference.

The cross back feature is cute and makes the bra more interesting. It is on sale for $15.00! You can't go wrong.

Two longs sleeve color block shirts (I can no longer find online!)


*I am wearing the LLD capris in the photo above

I am sad I can no longer find these because they were my favorite item from LLD! I have seriously been living in them! I got them on sale for $7 (each)!! They are comfy and super perfect for before the gym, after the gym, and anywhere you go in between! I am so glad I got 2 colors! Bring it back LIVE LOVE DREAM! Will you?

LLD also gave me this bag that I have to say I have been using EVERYDAY! I love it. It is perfect for my errands around the city and/or trips to the gym.

While looking through the LIVE LOVE DREAM site I do see some cute stuff that I would not mind getting because the price point is right. In this case, you get what you pay for. The quality will not be as good as some other brands, but I think LIVE LOVE DREAM works. It is functional, and has some cute patterns. One thing I am not a huge fan of is logos and some of their lounge apparel is full of logos so that limits things for me.

Overall, if you are looking for fitness function apparel check out LIVE LOVE DREAM. They have a very reasonable price point and I think some of their stuff is really cute, and not everyone wants to spend $80-$100 on yoga pants!

Thank you LLD for making budget friendly, functional, fitness apparel for the active and fashion aware girl.

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Violet Love... love

Violet Love, by Rebecca Michaels, is one of my recent found loves. Their apparel is awesome because they dare to step out of the box, are a green and eco friendly company, and their fabrics are custom made. Their prints are just fabulous and I love the bohemian vibe. Comfortable and stylish, I highly recommend. Into spinning? They even have biker shorts for all you spinners. Thank you Violet love  for sending me some stuff to try out...

Colorful headbands made from stretchy material and bright colors... totally does the trick!

Here I am wearing the Capri and Cami

It even holds up to funky dance moves!!!

The cami has a slight dip in the front and an even larger dip in the back, I always search for this look when looking for tops. I find it helps create a more elegant feel. There is a built-in bra (if you have a large bust I would suggest a more supportive bra underneath) and the straps are adjustable.

I was so comfortable and obsessed with my new Violet Love outfit that I went out at night in the same outfit, with a few tweaks here and there. I actually got plenty of compliments!!

Check our their site, and deck out your wardrobe with Violet Love!

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Review: Tieks by Gavrieli

Tieks \\, noun, (usually functioning as plural).

Fashionable, full-time flats that fold to fit in a small purse.

I  always notice ballet flats and I am in constant search for a comfortable and stylish pair. I first noticed Tieks when one of my personal training clients was wearing them. She was rocking the camel colored Tieks, which created a really cool leg lengthening effect.  During class about a month later, I noticed that a student had a pair of Tieks lying next to her mat. In the middle of teaching class I said “NICE TIEKS!”  She looked at me and smiled and after class we got to talking and I found out she has a major connection to one of the main masterminds behind Tieks! And that is where it all started.

Tieks sent me a pair of cobalt blue ballet flats. They arrived in a wonderful Tiffany blue package. I was in love with the presentation and was crossing my fingers for the actual shoe to be just as good.

The first thing I did was smell the flats. Yeah, I don’t know why, but I did. They smelled like wonderful leather. Tieks are made of 100% premium, soft, top-grain leather.

Things that stood out from these flats compared to others:

  1. I felt SUPPORT! The soles of my feet were never sore.  Tieks provide a good amount of padding so you never feel your feet pounding the pavement.  I also really enjoyed teaching in them. The comfort of the shoe allows me to walk around during class as the split sole feature gives me the flexibility to demonstrate movements easily.
  2. The soles of some of my other ballet flats have become slightly detached from the shoe. I am not sure how Tieks soles are attached, but they are sturdy and not going anywhere.
  3.  The price point of Tieks are higher than other flats I have purchased. In this situation the price point of the shoe directly correlates to the quality. I am so impressed by all aspects, but can see how someone would think twice just by looking at the price. Once the shoe is on your foot, though, all questions will go out the window. You will love them!

When you put Tieks on your feet they feel like heaven! I was REALLY trying to find an area of the shoe that isn't comfortable or is itchy and rough. But I couldn't find one! I walked around my apartment in them. I walked around the city in them. I walked around class. They are truly genius. They fold up easily, you can throw them in your bag and feel beautiful all along the way.

What are your favorite flats? Have you ever tried Tieks?

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Boston Fashion Week- Daniela Corte Runway Show

I was so excited to get invited to my first runway fashion show featuring Daniela Corte's amazing work for Boston Fashion Week.

I can only imagine the amount of time and creativity that goes into designing all of the unique pieces, not to mention the production and execution of a runway show itself. Such amazing colors and patterns.

Check out a Video of the Runway Show here:


One thing I will eventually do is invest in a better camera. I totally think the shots I took do not do justice to the pieces. I loved the top above.

My favorite part of the show was when the models would turn around and the back of the dress or shirt would be something totally unexpected. I feel that Daniela did this a lot. I was always looking forward to viewing the back of the outfit!

The swimsuit portion of the show was awesome. But please refer to Daniel Gagnon Photography on Facebook, for better pictures of the event.

THE TENT, before the show began.

Mom and I at the show! What did I wear? I had the intention of wearing the DC Voltage Dress, but changed my mind last minute and decided to wear this DC high-waisted skirt, except in faux leather. PERFECT!

The kid in front of me had an awesome camera.  He was able to get greats shots of the models, no matter how fast they moved.

Overall, I LOVED the event and everything that went along with it. I finally got me meet Kelly Dooley, Creator of Body Rock Sports Bras!! She is just as spicy as I thought she would be.

Also... SUGAR lip balm in the welcome bag, score! Be sure to follow Daniela Corte-Studio on Facebook.

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Lauren Bra By BodyRock Sport

From reading my previous posts or following "sweat with lauren hefez" on facebook, I am sure most of you know how I love BodyRock Sports bras. Kelly Dooley, designer and creator of these bras, names each bra she creates after someone. In her "about" she closes by writing:

"Each product in our collection suits different personalities--each piece is named after both real and mystical women whose confidence, energy, passion, style, and/or spirituality have inspired me. When you're happy, you glow from the inside out. I want all of you to GLOW.............xoKELLY"

Kelly told me last night that she was naming a bra after me! I am so excited and honored about this news.  Here is a little snip-it of what the Lauren Bra looks like. I LOVE it, and feel a total connection to the colors and pattern! Nice work Kelly.

The Lauren Bra is  the blue version of the Sophie Bra that Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing in People Magazine and all over Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Her new collection has not yet been released on the website but you can pre-order the Lauren Bra, just contact Kelly at Either way, anytime you buy the Lauren Bra, and you live in the Boston area, email me and you will get a FREE 30 minute personal training session by me. Just a little thank you for supporting BRS.

Thank you again Kelly for making women feel beautiful inside and out.XO

*For a 10% discount type in LAURENH  (case-sensitive) at checkout

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Yosi Samra flats discount code....

Obsessed. I get excited about some things.. ok, a lot of things, but I really love these flats. When I first encountered these flats in April, I couldn't get enough. I am now rocking my new fave look, the snakeskin. They are durable and spice up any outfit. I can not walk 100 feet out of my apartment without someone saying something about them. And that is why I am so excited to offer you the.....


Receive 25% of your order when you visit and enter "sweatwithLH" as your promotional code.

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eyebrow snob

I love good eyebrows. When I see someone with nicely shaped eyebrows its guaranteed that I tell them. Through a recommendation, I tried a new eyebrow shaper 2 years ago, and now I am hooked!  Her name is Cindy Jensen.  If you are looking for a talented shaper, she is it! She tweezes for 30 minutes, trims, and measures. After I am done my face feels bright; I am a new woman! Cindy says the worst eyebrow shape she comes across is the tadpole.  This happens when you leave the front of your brow thick and then right after start to create an arch, but ignore where the natural arch of your brow occurs.

See a resemblance? know someone who needs eyebrow intervention? Cindy is your gal. The cost of a brow shaping is $45, not including tip and sorry no foot massage included! This is the price you pay for the best eyebrows EVER! She also does makeup consults, and makeup for events! You can find her at Studio 9, Newbury st.

Check out my before and after pictures. She never goes tweeze happy, but you can tell her if you like them more thin or full. I like them a little more full.



If you see Cindy let her know Sweat with Lauren Hefez sent you!

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National Dance Day

Yesterday was National Dance Day and to celebrate I taught a 45 minute dance/ZUMBA class to some awesome and energetic dancers and then bustled over to  Lululemon Pudential Center to dance in their window! This is not the first time I have done this, and hope it won't be the last. The different reactions I get from walker-byers are priceless! You have people smiling, waving, and cheering as they walk by. You have people who stand and watch and those who quickly hustle by and not even make eye contact. My favorite are the little boys and girls who watch in amazement and then start dancing with me!

The whole crew at Lululemon was so supportive and excited to dance. I even had Laurin, one of the assistant managers, jump on the "stage" and boogie with me! Thank you Saturday morning dance crew girls and Lululemon Atheltica for sharing National Dance Day with me!

Photos from the window dancing :

I am wearing Dignity Halter and Wunder Under Crop Light

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oversized tanks

I have recently been in love with wearing oversized tanks while teaching/working out. I think it can be super cute if paired with a fun sports bra that peaks through and spandex crops or pants. I usually find the perfect tanks at H&M or Urban Outfitters. I am not really sure if these tanks are supposed to be as big as they are. I end up going up a size (or two!).

* If you go to Urban check out the sale rack. You will be surprised!

Urban Outiftters  Sparkle & Fade Tank.  From Sale rack, Under $30. Bra: Body Rock Sport. One sale now for $30!

 Yellow Tank H&M $7.95. So soft and slinky. ( I'm having trouble finding the exact one online)

 Too big? Transform it with a little twist and tuck. I tie a tail with an with an elastic and then tuck (more secure).

 Final product!

Target Mossimo Tank. Find it here.

Bra: Body Rock Sport. $60 

What do you love wearing when you workout?

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