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No more messy self manicures

I feel like most people will agree with me when I say painting your own nails = disaster. We are all too familiar with paint all over our hands, the table and the inevitable fumey smell in the air. Well I think I found a solution. I bought Sally Salon Effects nail polish strips about two months ago and finally used it today. It is great! I was surprised how EASY this nail beautifying process was. No smudging, no wet polish, just perfection. It took me under 15 minutes to complete my Manicure. The polish strips are a thin coat of stretchy dried polish that you just press onto your nail. I do not know how it sticks so well... magic.

There are a variety of cool colors and prints. I think I will try the "laced up" print next or maybe "Skinny Jeans"!


I wanted to take some pictures to show you, but realized I left my camera at my cousins house. The next best thing is the camera on my phone and the Photo Booth application on my Mac. I rarely use Photo Booth and my intention was to take only ONE nail shot. I got a little carried away, it was way too fun!

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Sweet Basil

My family gathered together yesterday at Sweet Basil for a nice Sunday night dinner!   Knowing that there would be a long wait mama Hefez  brought a bag of cashews and pistachios for us to munch on so that we would not get antsy.  My parents also brought red and white wine (which we cracked into while waiting) because the restaurant does not serve liquor, but you can BYOB. I usually do not love Italian food, but I enjoy this restaurant.  We ordered 2 salad appetizers, my favorite being the chilled beat salad.  This salad used to be prepared with warm goat cheese, yummm, but they changed their recipe a little for the summer and replaced warm goat cheese with blue cheese... a little disappointing.

We also ordered 5 entrees (there were 8 of us) and split them amongst each other. I like this way of ordering, you get to try everything!

Sorry Sweet Basil, but your tap water tastes funny, so we ordered San Pellegrino.  I had a glass of white wine  and was feeling creative so I added in a little red wine which made it a lighter red and then added some Pellegrino making it pink and bubbly... a masterpiece. It was passed around the table for everyone to try.

Sweet Basil also does not have dessert! WHAT? NO alcohol and NO dessert! We would have usually gone out to Starbucks around the corner for some coffee/tea and dessert, but we were all tired and decided to call it a night. I do enjoy this place, even though it does get cramped. But the food is good and the wait staff is friendly.

I brought along my friend Megan Bra. She is so sassy.

PS thanks brother for adding to the picture.

White Tank= H&M $7.95. Its soft, long, and slinky. Awesome! Black Sweater= BCBG originally $98 purchased for $23! Search those Lord&Taylor racks!

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Yosi Samra ballet flats


Just wonderful!  My friend introduced me to these ballet flats, and now I will share the love with all of you.  Most of the classes I teach are barefoot.  I am used to having sneakers or boots on before class and find myself annoyingly putting them on and taking them off and putting them on again, and then taking them off. These flats are perfect for before class, after class, whenever! Easy to slide off and slide on and I love that they fold up, using minimal space. I have walked distances with these flats and they are great. No digging in the back of the foot. Just comfortable and perfect. They come in all colors...highly recommended.  Enjoy!

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Just got back from checking out Jerry Remy's at the new Liberty Warf where I came across a glam girl with an awesome bedazzled bow headband . I obviously asked her where she got it and she said "I dont think you like my head band, I think you like my Bumpit".  I really did like her headband, and never found out where she got it from. All she wanted to talk to me about was her Bumpit!

When I got home I looked up Bumpit... now I want a  Bumpit!

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Body Rock Sport, thank you

FINALLY! Thank you Kelly Dooley for creating a sports bra that, as you put it, “combines fitness, fashion, and functionality." I could not have said it better myself!

I first came across these stylish bras through a student in my class. Immediately I smoldered her with questions: Where? Who? What colors? What styles? What fabric? It did not take much convincing to give Body Rock a shot.  I live in fitness clothes; therefore, I am always on the prowl for fresh, fun and creative items and I usually go for the ones that can double as functional AND fashionable.  It is so important to feel good in what you are wearing, especially when you are working out.  I felt GREAT in Body Rock.

I was excited when Kelly told me she went to BU for her undergrad degree!  Now she lives in NYC and she launched her business a little over a year ago.  The one thing that I really love most about the business she is running is how vocal she is with her customers.  I emailed Kelly to find out about a bra and within a few hours I got a response, which is something you do not come across often with bigger businesses. I know Body Rock will kick butt! Her passion and creativity shows through in every bra!

Aside from sports bras, Body Rock has accessories, tops and bottoms all of which I intend to try. Check out the website. For a 10% discount type in LAURENH  (case-sensitive) at checkout.

FASHION CHECK My first test was taking the "Ruby" bra out into the city.  I felt sexy and confident as the hot pink bra and the Gold Swarovski Crystal and and Gold Metallic Fishnet rim peeked out of my shirt just the right amount.
FITNESS CHECK If you have taken my dance classes you know that we are jumping around most of  the time. Proud to say, Body Rock held my puppies tight!
FUNCTION CHECK The bra does what I want it to do. Looks great, feels great, and can double as a day out in the city bra or rock out and sweat bra.
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Watches could be my favorite accessory.  A couple of months ago a client of mine got me a Rumba watch. Not to be confused with A Roomba.  I had always complimented her whenever she wore it, so I was thrilled when I finally had one of my own! The watch is made of silicon and is super lightweight and bendy. They come in a variety of colors and styles, you can even opt for glitter! From my experience, my Rumba has been totally sweat and bang proof. You can purchase them online or at Lord & Taylor . 

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Huarache Nike Dance Shoe

This post is long overdue. People have been asking about these shoes since the first day I wore them.  I LOVE THEM! To be honest at first I was a little skeptical, since I have tried so many different dance shoes.  These are perfect. The tongue and collar are made out of this fantastic stretchy material, so there is never any chafing!  The shoe bends, so its perfect for pointing, or going up on a high arch. The mesh material on the side and front of the shoe allow my sweaty feet to breathe!

I wear these shoes for all my dance classes.  Not only are they amazingly comfortable but they are totally stylin' too.  I have tried many shoes and these by far are my favorite.

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