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Vlogging with Halley

This whole week I was so excited to meet up with Halley for some food Vlogging. After reading Halleys blog I knew we had to combine our forces and create some wonderful healthy goodies.  I was so lucky to have Halley with me for this video. She is an awesome food blogger and taught me things like video blogging is called vlogging... how did I not know this!!! It was awesome having her in the kitchen. She has such a "whatever happens, happens" type attitude when it comes to cooking. So confident and willing to try anything, I think that makes her a great cook!

Uploading videos take forever (for me at least). The video is still loading; 930 minutes remain (that has to be a mistake, right??!) Until then, check out her blog and her latest post about our cooking adventure!

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Find your local farmers market

A highlight of my weekend in the Hamptons was definitely the wonderful home cooked dinner we made from the local produce. After our beach workout we built up an appetite and made our way to the local farmers market!

I was in love. All the colorful produce was so beautiful. We stalked up on cherries, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. We also got asparagus, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese,cucumbers, basil and delicious corn!

Above, friend Christy picking the best looking corn. How to tell? If the kernels are large!

After the farmers market we stopped at a local fish shop and got some shrimp, for shrimp cocktail. We were all offered a sample of ceviche. I had never tasted it before, but my friends who had said it was the best they ever tried. Ceviche is made from fresh raw fish and is cooked by the citrus juices it sits in. The dish was tasty, chilled and refreshing.

Find out where your local farmers market is!

Live in Boston? Check out these:

Tuesday and Thursday:  South Station 

Tuesdays: Lexington

Wednesday: Somerville in Davis square 

Thursday: Mission Hill Brigham Circle 

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working out your friends is fun

This past weekend I took a trip to the Hamptons to celebrate a very special girls birthday! We only had one FULL day there, so we made it an eventful one. Per the birthday girls request (and my obvious excitement toward this request), we started the morning off with a wonderful beach workout! I LOVE beach workouts. It's nice to sweat from the sun and get cooled down by the breeze from the ocean. Exercises are much more difficult in the sand. Ever try running in the sand? Our beach workout looked like this:

No weighted arm series 

similar workout here

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 092

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 092

Leg extension and glute work

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 078

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 078

similar workout here

Straight leg raises, squeeze into the oblique

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 095

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 095

similar workout here

Inner thigh adductor leg work

similar workout here

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 097

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 097

Single leg planks!

similar workout here

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 082

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 082

We had the man next to us take some pictures. He was snapping shots like no other, then all of a sudden his sun umbrella flew away! He was able to save his umbrella, not to mention the camera was still safely in his hand!  Thank you Mr. Camera Man!

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 103

birthday biddies & hamptons w.Diddy 103

Later that day we went to a local farmers market and bought locally grown fruits/veggies and made a FANTASTIC dinner. Next blog (coming soon) will focus on the food part of our adventure in the Hamptons!

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No more messy self manicures

I feel like most people will agree with me when I say painting your own nails = disaster. We are all too familiar with paint all over our hands, the table and the inevitable fumey smell in the air. Well I think I found a solution. I bought Sally Salon Effects nail polish strips about two months ago and finally used it today. It is great! I was surprised how EASY this nail beautifying process was. No smudging, no wet polish, just perfection. It took me under 15 minutes to complete my Manicure. The polish strips are a thin coat of stretchy dried polish that you just press onto your nail. I do not know how it sticks so well... magic.

There are a variety of cool colors and prints. I think I will try the "laced up" print next or maybe "Skinny Jeans"!


I wanted to take some pictures to show you, but realized I left my camera at my cousins house. The next best thing is the camera on my phone and the Photo Booth application on my Mac. I rarely use Photo Booth and my intention was to take only ONE nail shot. I got a little carried away, it was way too fun!

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My cousin called me Wednesday night to ask if I wanted to come to the NKOTBSB concert with her and a couple of her friends. After yelling a little I said "YES!".  The last time I saw BSB I was 13 (?)!

What an awesome marketing idea, merge the most popular boy band from the 80's with the most popular boy band from the 90's and blammo, you have millions of screaming lady fans! Yes, I was one of them.

The concert was held at Fenway Park, which made the whole experience that much cooler. It started to pour half way through, but lucky for us we were the first row  protected under the stadium roof.  Not that the rain stopped anyone anyway, not even NKOTBSB. In fact they embraced it; singing literally in the rain. They were drenched  and transformed the cat walk part of their stage in to a 200 foot slip and slide!

The music was awesome amd both BSB and NKOTB did some of their signature dance moves. Loved!(hah) They seriously rocked it (and still had ABS!).  I told myself that if I was old enough to really appreciate NKOTB when they were big, I would have been a Donnie Whalberg fan, he just has that edge about him... raaarrr.

My class tonight is going to be NKOTBSB music inspired! See  you there!

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