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Saturday events!

Join me this Saturday for zumba from 10:30-11:20am at International Place (158 Oliver st). This is an ongoing OPEN class that is usually held from 11-12pm, but I changed the time due to an awesome event; Salutation Nation! This yoga event will be held from 12-1pm at Boston Common-Parkman Bandstand. Estimated number to attend is about 1,000 people! The hour-long yoga class with be lead by Lynne Begier of Back Bay Yoga and owner of Sweat and Soul Yoga.[youtube] Here are more details about the event

"anyone. everyone. do yoga.

On Saturday, September 10th at 12pm (EST), roll out your mat and do yoga. Join your community to move, breathe, connect and get your down dog on!

Salutation Nation is an annual, international day of yoga led by local yoga ambassadors. Our Boston region will be led by Lynne Begier of Back Bay Yoga and owner of Sweat and Soul Yoga. She will be teaching a Hip Hop Yoga class, and will be assisted by several other local yoga ambassadors.

Before rocking out in Lynne's class, Kevan Gale, director of Stil Studio and lululemon Legacy Place ambassador, will lead us in a 15 minute meditation. Kevan is a PranaVayu yoga instructor, and has trained with David Magone!

This yoga experience is open to ALL levels, and is complimentary. Simply join us down at the Boston Common, ready with your yoga mat and water to participate in this amazing event!

Water will be provided, but please bring your own water bottle, so we can eliminate unnecessary plastic cup waste.

You'll know where we are because we'll be rocking the new ROCKSTEADY bright blue color. Come into the store and grab your color too if you want to match us!

For full details and to check out other locations, visit:"

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Liberty Hotel mat class and lunch!

Every Saturday Equinox sponsors a FREE class at the Liberty Hotel, 10-11am. This class is open to anyone, and not only hotel guests! Bottled water, a few mats, and towels are provided. Today I taught a strength and stretch class... with a little Sweat with Lauren Hefez twist.

Thanks Keri for taking pictures!

hip work

Working that Gluteus Maximus

Standing leg series

Push up, into plank, into push up into plank! 

It was hot and humid today, so after class I needed something refreshing! Watermelon is what I was craving...


  • watermelon
  • feta
  • arugula
  • vinaigrette
  • you can add pine nuts, walnuts, or any nut!

Ever try watermelon and feta together? The sweet and salty combination is unreal!

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National Dance Day

Yesterday was National Dance Day and to celebrate I taught a 45 minute dance/ZUMBA class to some awesome and energetic dancers and then bustled over to  Lululemon Pudential Center to dance in their window! This is not the first time I have done this, and hope it won't be the last. The different reactions I get from walker-byers are priceless! You have people smiling, waving, and cheering as they walk by. You have people who stand and watch and those who quickly hustle by and not even make eye contact. My favorite are the little boys and girls who watch in amazement and then start dancing with me!

The whole crew at Lululemon was so supportive and excited to dance. I even had Laurin, one of the assistant managers, jump on the "stage" and boogie with me! Thank you Saturday morning dance crew girls and Lululemon Atheltica for sharing National Dance Day with me!

Photos from the window dancing :

I am wearing Dignity Halter and Wunder Under Crop Light

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Bikes around Boston!

Hubway has come to Boston. Launched today at 11am, New Balance Hubway is a bike sharing system (kind of like zipcar, but far more green!)

I had heard rumor of a bike transit system coming to Boston, and was so excited to see the Hubway stands up and ready to use today! Such a cool system that I will be testing out!

I saw this stand in my neck of the woods, the North End.

The gears!

How it works: A bike costs $5 for a 24 hour period and $12 for a three day period. An annual membership is $85 (there is a special price of $60 until the end of July).

Your ride is free for the first 30 minutes! Be aware you need a credit card to rent the bikes. There is a $101 security deposit placed on the card, then returned to you when the bike is returned.

There are 61 stations set up around the city, providing 610 bikes. I have so far seen 4 New Balance Hubway stands. Where have you seen them? GO RIDE!

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Equinox Dance Event!



Join us in celebrating Back Bay’s 4 year anniversary with a dance party like no other. DJ, Al St. George will keep the party hoppin’ with slammin’ tunes and all your favorite Equinox dance instructors will keep you movin’ and groovin’. All levels welcome. No dance experience necessary. WARNING: Side effects of this dance party include: sweating, laughing, booty shakin’ and extra hotness!


5:30-6:00pm      Cardio Jazz                   Shandell Raposa

6:00-6:30pm      Zumba                          Lauren Hefez

6:30-7:00pm      Hip-Hop                         Kristy DiScipio

7:00-7:30pm      Broadway                      Chad Flahive                 

7:30-8:00pm      Latin Funk                     Al St. George

8:00-8:30pm      Fosse/Cooldown            Chad Flahive


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