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Inner thigh and Hip slimming video!

I recently became a solow ambassador!! I am a wearing a lovely outfit by them in the video below. I have always been obsessed with their clothes, and now I love that they are branching out and doing more "fitness" type clothing. Comfortable, so flattering, and SO cute with a fun edge! They have the perfect apparel for wearing in and out of the gym!

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bkr, my favorite water bottle and a good holiday gift for your gym-going, eco conscious, water loving friends!

I am known to break glass. Since September I have broken 23 glass cups, but that did not stop me from buying a glass water bottle. I am in LOVE with bkr water bottles. I bought mine at The Sports Club LA/Boston but  I have also seen them at Whole Foods.

Why I love them:

  • made out of glass so its easy to clean and they don't smell
  • are protected by fun colored, 100% recyclable, and non-toxic silicon sleeves
  • perfect size and holds just the right amount of water- 16oz
  • eco friendly

So you are probably wondering if I broke my bkr. And the answer is YES.

I broke it within the first 2 months of owning it. But I had dropped it many times before and it proved to be pretty resilient  The time it broke it was dropped on a non forgiving surface in just the right spot. The good news: If your bkr breaks within the first 90 days you can get a new one! You just have to cover the cost of shipping. Make sure you keep your receipt.

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Black Friday sales and NEW WORKOUT VIDEO

Here is a video that will make you feel AWESOME! Take 15 minutes out of your day today and do it!

Happy Black Friday. Avoid the crowds and order online. BodyRock Sport is having an incredible deal; 40% off until 11/25! They have amazing stuff so shop away, and check out the "Lauren Bra" named after me!!  ** Enter GOBBLE at checkout for 40% off.

My other favorites from BodyRock:

Morning after top

Jayde Moto Jacket

The Ruby Bra

The Jan Bra

The Sophie Bra

ANOTHER amazing brand, Hotdrop, is giving 35% off if you use the code MAKEWAY. They are getting a lot of new apparel and gear this week, hence the word "makeway". Be sure to check them out and become a fan of their Facebook page! Below is a video I did with Sarah Dussault, where I am wearing the "Lauren Bra" from Hotdrop.

Have a great weekend! See you with some new videos and material next week! Cheers!

Reebok Headquarters Cardio Dance Fusion Class

Yesterday I made my way to the Reebok Headquarters to lead the HR team through a cardio dance fusion class for their annual meeting. The class was held in the Crossfit gym where we had a great sound system and ample room to move around. I was so pleased with the group! They were awesome and totally rocked it. They laughed and sweat the whole time and were the perfect display of what I wish for in a dance class. Laid back fun people who love to sweat!

Whenever I go to the Reebok headquarters I always make sure I have time to shop! I bought some cool studded sneakers called "Princess" from the Alicia Keys line.

What do you think?? Today I am off to NYC with my mom for a dress fitting!!

Oh and check out these ones too! I saw my Equinox boss wearing them a few days ago. They are so fun... Alicia Keys as well.

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Full Body Chair workout!

Hello All!! Below is a GREAT workout using a chair. I really loved it, and think my next video might be a full length chair workout! What do you think? That way you can follow along with me! [youtube]

Some FUN news....I just entered into "The Face OF Fitness" photo contest for a chance to be on the cover of FITNESS MAGAZINE! How cool would that be? (If I was on the cover I PROMISE I'D SMILE!!!) This endeavor seamed right along my path considering I love fitness, I love inspiring, and I would love to be on the cover of this magazine. To be honest, I would be happy even with being on the inside pages of Fitness Magazine. I always wanted to be one of those fitness magazine models that demonstrates the exercise step by step... know what I mean?

This is where YOU come in... I need YOUR HELP! If I inspire you, if you enjoy my workouts and my blog and think I would be a good fit to be on Fitness Magazines cover then I would LOVE your VOTE. You can vote EVERY DAY until the 14th of this month, Sunday at midnight. After a couple of rounds of voting there will be 5 finalists. ONE of the FIVE finalists will be chosen by the readers... AKA readers choice... AKA chosen by YOU.  The Grand prize winner and the person who will be on the cover of Fitness is chosen by a panel of judges.

Q. How is the winner chosen?

The Grand Prize Winner is selected by a panel of judges from a group of five finalists. She will be selected based on her overall fit and healthy appearance in her photo(s), personality of entrant as expressed through the photos, quality of the photos, and quality of her essay. One of the finalists comes from the weekly Reader's Choice voting. See Official Rules for more details.

THANK YOU for your love and for inspiring ME. XO... now go VOTE!

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I'm off to Portugal! (for 2 weeks)

I am so excited to explore a new part of the world I have never seen before! I will keep a journal of the fun foods, and all the crazy adventures I will face in  the Azores... and I will report back when I return to the USA.

While I am away there will be a very cool person managing my facebook page- and website. So stay tuned! She will be posting my prewritten blogs and videos.

See you when I get back XO

My online classes will be ON HOLD for two weeks. But I will be back with some more times. Check out and sign up for my online classes when I return.

Here is my class coverage for the next two weeks. THANK YOU!

Paula K

Abs and Barre Burn Monday August 13th and 20th Back Bay

Barre Burn Wednesday 15th and 22nd Franklin Street


Tuesday AM Barre Burn August 14th and August 21st

Both of my AM classes 6:15-7am and 7:00-7:45am Franklin St

Chad? Kristy?

ZUMBA Tuesday night Back Bay August 14th and 21st 5:15-6:30pm


ZUMBA Fitness International

Tuesday 12:10-1pm August 14th and 21st


Ballet Body 1:20-2:00

Fitness International


The Sports Club LA/Boston Barre class 9am-10am

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Neon for Spring/Summer

I love bright colors. And neon takes bright to a whole new level. If you look at my wardrobe it is mostly black, but I love to accessorize with the some brights.  Here are some ways to brighten up your wardrobe! NEON Hanky Panky:

My favorite underwear. One Size fits all. I don't know how they do it but it works! You need to get at least ONE pair just to feel how amazing it is. (I was going to model these for my blogs sake...JUST KIDDING!!!)

Pink Pants:

Picture this: I am on my way to teach a 6:15am class and as I am walking I am thinking in my head about my next blog and how it is going to be all about neon. Then within seconds, in the distance, I see neon pink pants walking toward me. I stop this girl literally in the middle of the street and snapped her photo! She was kind and had a sweet English (?) accent. I might have caught her during her walk of shame... woops!

BODY ROCK sports bra: The Ruby Bra

One of my fave bras by body rock. Supportive, NEON PINK, bling, and a little lace. HOLLA.


Fun and light weight. You get the brights in the laces and at the base of the shoes!

And my most recent NEON item, and one of my faves....TIEKS! UMM yes! IN NEON! They come in all colors from neon yellow, pink, orange and GREEN! Check them out here!

Do you have a favorite neon item?

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Starving for a photo shoot

I recently had a photo shoot with Eric Levin, from Elevin Studios. The photos are for a composite card, which is like a portfolio/business card combo. This will be a really useful tool for me as I am trying to get into fitness modeling and/or commercial modeling. When I say fitness modeling I do not mean that my goal is to do muscle posing on the cover of Oxygen, I mean I want to display exercises in a spread in SHAPE magazine!

After my shoot someone asked me if I went on "some crazy diet" before the shoot.  Legit question. I can totally understand wanting to look your best for photos that will be in the public eye, but here is my answer… NO!  This was my second photo shoot, the first being with Lucie Wicker Photography, and before that one I DID restrict my food intake more. After that experience, I told myself I would not do it again for the following reasons:

1. I hate restrictions! I like to eat what my body needs.

2. I was so grumpy and all I thought about was food.

3. I ate even worse AFTER the shoot that I did before I started my “diet." I had an “I am free” feeling and thought “let me eat the world!”

4. I eat clean enough that there was no noticeable difference in my body, even with the restrictions.

5. Who  am I trying to fool? I know what my body looks like and the photos should be a strong representation of that. It would not be good business practice to advertise myself a certain way on my comp card and show up to a photo shoot with my body looking different.

I guess my restrictive diet before my first photo shoot was kind of a test. Would I still feel good for a photo shoot without restrictions before? Would I be bloated?  Would I look my best? For my most recent shoot with Elevin I ate my PB, almond butter, oatmeal, quinoa, nuts, mango (dried no sugar added), and mini dark chocolate chips, which are all the things I did not allow myself to have before that first shoot.

While I didn't completely restrict, I DID do things differently for the three days before the shoot:

1. I LOVE broccoli and brussels sprouts, but they can make me bloated and, errr, gassy so I stayed away from them! Yes, they are great foods for a healthy diet when you're trying to lose weight, but I was more concerned with avoiding bloat than dropping pounds.

2. I traded in my daily apples for grapefruit. I chose grapefruit thinking that the fiber pectin would help cleanse my body. I'm not sure if it did anything, but mentally it made me feel better.

How did I feel at this shoot with Eric, you're wondering? AMAZING! I felt better than I did during my first shoot. I felt I had more energy, I was stronger, and I was ready to conquer!

On the morning of the shoot I ate oatmeal, half a banana, and PB. During the day,though, I was only able to scarf down an apple and Asian pear in between shots. My body is used to eating every 2-3 hours, so eating nothing that day wasn't a great idea. But my energy was so high and I was so excited to be doing what I was doing I didn't feel hungry or shaky. It's weird how your body can go in to a ZONE and just GO.

I can’t wait to share more about the shoot with you, tips from the makeup artist, advice from the photographer, and all the other things I learned during the shoot! Stay tuned!

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Violet Love... love

Violet Love, by Rebecca Michaels, is one of my recent found loves. Their apparel is awesome because they dare to step out of the box, are a green and eco friendly company, and their fabrics are custom made. Their prints are just fabulous and I love the bohemian vibe. Comfortable and stylish, I highly recommend. Into spinning? They even have biker shorts for all you spinners. Thank you Violet love  for sending me some stuff to try out...

Colorful headbands made from stretchy material and bright colors... totally does the trick!

Here I am wearing the Capri and Cami

It even holds up to funky dance moves!!!

The cami has a slight dip in the front and an even larger dip in the back, I always search for this look when looking for tops. I find it helps create a more elegant feel. There is a built-in bra (if you have a large bust I would suggest a more supportive bra underneath) and the straps are adjustable.

I was so comfortable and obsessed with my new Violet Love outfit that I went out at night in the same outfit, with a few tweaks here and there. I actually got plenty of compliments!!

Check our their site, and deck out your wardrobe with Violet Love!

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Reebok photo shoot

I just got back from a Jukari Fit to Fly and Fit to Flex Reebok photo shoot in Toronto, Canada.  I did not really get to explore much of the city, but what I saw during the ride from the hotel, to the set , and back to the hotel, looked very promising. A lot of character and charm in the restaurants and the little shops we passed.

Jukari models hanging out

This was my frist professional photo shoot. I have done video footage before, but still shots are much different. It was a full two days of shooting at Kingwest Fitness. There were 6 girls on the shoot.  Two girls from Canada, three from NYC, and then me from Boston, baby! We had an amazing crew of people; Reebok and cirque marketing , art directors, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and we can not forget craft services. The food was always delicious and healthy. My favorite was the banana chocolate muffins... YUM!  Together everyone created such an amazing atmosphere . The hours flew. Not to say we did not work hard, but it was a fun experience all the way through.

The wardrobe/fitting part was great as we got a sneak peek at what Reebok is bringing us for next season. I can not say much, nor can I share pictures of the clothes or shoes, but I will say I "oooo"ed and "ahhhh"ed a lot.

The hardest part of the shoot was having to hold crazy poses that not only took balance but a lot strength. There were usually 3-4 girls in each shot and getting everyone together and looking good was a fun challenge. There was one time where I thought I was going to lose my lunch. But I held it in and we moved on :) We were often spritzed with fake sweat made of glycerin and rose water, but there were definitely times where the fake stuff was not needed. We were working hard, and today I am sore in all the right places!

On set. Fit to Fly

One last thing, I LOVE REEBOK sneakers.. and no they did not pay me to say that. They have really developed their product and have slowly become my favorite go to sneaker. I was really sad when I could no longer find my favorite Nike shoe, but honestly, I am even more pleased with the Reebok shoes. They have great color combinations and are really comfortable. When I find my top Reebok sneaker I will be sure to post and keep you updated.

I am hopeful that the future will bring me more experiences and opportunities like this one. Thank you Reebok and Cirque, my first photo shoot experience was amazing.

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